Whole Foods and the Natural Food Channel

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Published Feb 14, 2014 | 146 Pages | Pub ID: LA5085813
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Whole Foods and the Natural Food Channel

Few people would argue against the claim that Whole Foods Market is a trendsetter. The world’s leading natural/organic supermarket, with $12.9 billion in FY 2013 sales, the chain has been well ahead of the general retail curve by recognizing, capturing, and driving trends with a strategy of carrying a broad selection of high quality foods that appeal to both natural/organic food shoppers and gourmets. The chain’s retail market strategy seeks to capitalize on growing consumer interest in natural and organic products. At Whole Foods, the focus is premium quality and huge selection.

In separate chapters, Whole Foods and the Natural Food Channel analyzes Whole Food’s historical growth and expansion strategies, mission/position, store location and design, product standards and programs, use of private label, pricing, advertising and use of social media, organizational structure, ethical and environmental initiatives, consumer demographics and psychographics, and more.

Whole Foods and the Natural Food Channel's 'Retail Competitors' chapter examines the wave of up-and-coming competitors in the natural foods market. In the past two years, several growth-oriented specialty food retailers and natural food chains, including Sprouts Farmers Market, The Fresh Market, Fairway Market, and Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, tapped the stock market with initial public offerings (IPOs). Natural Markets Food Group, which owns the Mrs. Green’s Natural Market chain, is said to be eyeing an IPO as well. Then there is startup company Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, backed by Midwest-based supercenter retailer Meijer Co. It also is strongly rumored that billionaire investor Ron Burkle’s private equity firm Yucaipa Cos. plans to revive the Wild Oats Market name, converting the Fresh & Easy stores it acquired from Tesco Plc in November 2013 into Wild Oats natural foods markets. No. 1 supermarket operator Kroger Co., which maintains more than 2,400 stores across the country under regional banners including Kroger, Ralph’s, and Fry’s, is also making a play for the natural and organic food space and considers itself the second-largest player in this market after Whole Foods.

Each report chapter contains numerous tables, charts, graphs, and illustrations that reinforce the report's main points.

Whole Foods and the Natural Food Channel uses information sources including primary research entailing interviews with retailers and other members of the natural foods industry, as well as on-site examination of retail stores. Secondary research involved the evaluation and comparison of data from articles found in financial, marketing, and industry publications, as well as on corresponding websites and in consumer social media. Other sources for secondary data include annual reports, 10-Ks, transcripts of earnings calls, and literature from individual companies. Consumer data are derived from Simmons National Consumer Surveys for Summer 2013, from Experian Marketing Services.
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