Trends in Organic Lawn and Garden Products, 2nd Edition

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Published Jan 1, 2009 | 128 Pages | Pub ID: LA1837847

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The organic sector of the lawn and garden (L&G) market has experienced stellar growth for several years now, even through 2008. Packaged Facts estimates that the organic L&G sector reached $460 million in retail sales in 2008, a healthy gain of 12% over 2007.

But will this momentum come to a halt in the face of economic crisis? This study examines past, current and future trends in organic L&G and finds reasons to be optimistic. The organic sector, though still small, has taken root, and significant indicators point to strong future growth. In fact, one of these indicators is the worsening economy itself, as the ongoing crisis could actually come to favor organics over synthetics.

This comprehensive study analyzes organic L&G trends from all perspectives. It examines trends in products, highlighting popular and leading-edge developments, and in marketing—focusing in on branding and competitive activity. This study also looks at retail, consumer, professional, regulatory, and regional trends, along with providing a history and explanation of organic growing principles. Finally, estimates of current and projected organic L&G sector size and growth are presented, complete with an evaluation of future growth drivers.

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