Market Trends: The U.S. Market for Household Cleaning Wipes and Accessories

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Published Apr 1, 2003 | 85 Pages | Pub ID: LA847672

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Marketers competing in the household cleaning industry are rushing to compete in the burgeoning cleaning wipes and accessories market. It’s no surprise, given the fact that nearly two-thirds of Americans reported in a recent poll that they’re always on the look-out for new ways to clean the house faster. The need and desire for convenience created - and is driving - the market for household cleaning wipes, a market that has gone from nothing to nearly $500 million in annual sales in two years. And, with constant new product introductions in both the wipes themselves and the accessory products that complement wipes (e.g., mops that don’t require extra product or squeezing), it’s a market that’s poised for constant, healthy expansion. Packaged Facts’ The U.S. Market for Household Cleaning Wipes and Accessories is the executive’s guide to this new frontier. Here are expertly analyzed quantitative and qualitative data on market size and growth, the competitive situation, new product introductions, and trends and opportunities for future growth.

Report Methodology
The information in The U.S. Market for Household Cleaning Wipes and Accessories is based on both primary and secondary research. Primary research involved on-site examination of the retail milieu, interviews with marketing, public relations and industry analysts within household cleaning market and consultants to the industry. Secondary research entailed data-gathering from relevant trade, business, and government sources, including company literature. Packaged Facts has derived mass merchandiser sales figures from Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) InfoScan sales-tracking data. Figures provided on national consumer advertising expenditures are based primarily on data (copyright 2001) compiled by CMR/TNS Media Intelligence U.S., the leading provider of strategic advertising and marketing communications intelligence. New product information is gathered via literature research, personal interviews and data compiled by ProductScan, a service of Marketing Intelligence Service Ltd.

The report looks at every segment of the cleaning wipes and accessories (e.g., brooms) market, examining trends for growth and projecting sales of products through 2008. It analyzes the current and projected sales of wipes and related cleaning products, and provides up-to-date competitive profiles of marketers of these products. The report also spotlights new products and current distribution trends, and offers readers trends and marketing opportunities within the household cleaning products industry.

What You’ll Get in this Report
The U.S. Market for Household Cleaning Wipes and Accessories is a brand-new report that offers a unique perspective on the burgeoning market for household cleaning wipes and accessories. No other market research report provides both the comprehensive analysis and extensive data that The U.S. Market for Household Cleaning Wipes and Accessories offers. The report addresses the following segments:

  • The Market (including market size and composition, and projected market growth)
  • The Marketers (including discussions of specific marketer brand and market shares)
  • Competitive Profiles (of the marketers and analyses of the products they market)
  • Retail Strategies
  • The Products
  • Trends and Opportunities

Plus, you’ll benefit from extensive data, presented in easy-to-read and practical charts, tables and graphs.

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How You Will Benefit from this Report
If your company is already competing in the household cleaning wipes market, or is considering making the leap, you will find this report invaluable, as it provides a comprehensive package of information and insight not offered in any other single source. You will gain a thorough understanding of the current market for household cleaning wipes and accessory products, as well as projected sales and trends through 2008. Contributing to that understanding will be a complete analysis of sales data from IRI and other published and trade sources.

This report will help:

  • Marketing Managers identify market opportunities and develop targeted promotion plans for household cleaning wipes and accessory products.
  • Research and development professionals stay on top of competitor initiatives and explore demand for household cleaning wipe products.
  • Advertising agencies working with clients in the household cleaning industry understand the product buyer to develop messages and images that compel consumers to purchase these products.
  • Business development executives understand the dynamics of the market and identify possible partnerships.
  • Information and research center librarians provide market researchers, brand and product managers and other colleagues with the vital information they need to do their jobs more effectively.

Chapter 1: Executive Summary

    The Market
    • Market Background
    • Two Product Categories
    • Sales Estimated at $872.4 Million
    • Table 1-1: U. S. Retail Sales of Convenience Household Cleaning Products by Product Category: 2000-2007
    • Cleaner Cloths Sales by Subsegment Through Food, Drug and Mass Merchandising Outlets
    • Convenience Mops Claim almost 50% of Market
    • ReadyMop: Top New Nonfood Brand
    • Factors to Market Growth
    • Too Tired To Clean

    The Marketers

    • Towards Convenience
    • The Role of Procter & Gamble
    • Leading Marketers
    • Other Top Marketers
    • Swiffer Leads in Cleaning Tools Category
    • Clorox Still The Leader
    • The Case for Market Consolidation

    Marketing Trends

    • Nonwoven Fabric Innovations Proliferate
    • Ad Spending Approaches $200 Million In 2002
    • S. C. Johnson, P&G and Clorox the Big Spenders
    • Other Major Spenders

    Retail Dynamics

    • The Role of Private Label
    • Consolidation Among Retailers

    Report Methodology

    • Market Parameters
    • Report Methodology

Chapter 2: The Market

  • A Brief History Of Convenience Wipes
  • Airlaid Vs. Spunlaced
  • Two Product Categories
    • Household Cleaner Cloths/Wipes
    • Mops/Brooms

    Market Size And Composition

    • Note On Market Estimates
    • Sales Estimated At $872.4 Million
    • Table 2-1: U.S. Retail Sales Of Convenience Household Cleaning Products, 1998-2002
    • Market Growth By Product Category
    • Table 2-2: U.S. Retail Sales Of Convenience Household Cleaning Products By Product Category: Cleaner Cloths/Wipes Vs. Mops/Brooms, 1998-2002
    • Cleaner Cloths Sales By Subsegment Through Retail Outlets
    • Table 2-3: U.S. Retail Sales Of Cleaner Cloths/Wipes, 2002
    • Convenience Mops Claim Almost 50% Of Market
    • ReadyMop: Top New Nonfood Brand
    • Newer Surfaces To Wipe
    • Sales Steady Across Seasons

    Factors To Market Growth

    • Major Growth Drivers
    • Too Tired To Clean
    • Brand Power
    • Retailer Initiatives
    • The "Disposable" Consumer Disposition
    • A Question Of Ecology
    • The Impact Of Anthrax
    • Increasing Growth For Cloths / Wipes
    • Table 2-4: Projection Of U. S. Housing Starts, 2002-2006
    • Quick And Effective Cleaning Solutions
    • Innovation For Increased Convenience

    Projected Market Growth

    • Market To Approach $3.9 Billion By 2007
    • Table 2-5: Projected U. S. Retail Sales Of Convenience Household Cleaning Products, 2002-2007
    • Projected Growth By Product Category
    • Table 2-6: Projected U. S. Retail Sales Of Convenience Household Cleaning Products By Product Category: Cleaner Cloths/Wipes Vs. Mops/Brooms, 2002-2007

Chapter 3: The Marketers

  • Towards Convenience
  • The Role Of Procter & Gamble
  • Other Top Marketers
  • Table 3-1: The U.S. Market For Wipes:Selected Personal And Household Products By Marketer And Brand Line

Marketer And Brand Shares

  • Leading Marketers
  • Pledging Freedom From Household Drudgery
  • Swiffer Leads In Cleaning Tools Category
  • Clorox Still The Leader
  • Table 3-2: U.S. Retail Sales Of Cleaner Cloths/Wipes: Marketer/Brand Shares, 2002
  • Table 3-3: U.S. Retail Sales For Mops/Brooms: Marketer/Brand Shares, 2002

The Competitive Situation

  • Swiping Wipes
  • Positioning Private Label
  • A Wipe For All
  • Sweeping Clean Conveniently
  • Bucketing The Bucketless Mops
  • Blending Science And Marketing
  • Wipe Wars
  • Safety Vs. Convenience
  • The Case For Market Consolidation

Competitive Briefs

  • Clorox: From Bleach To Convenience Mops
  • Strategies For Sustenance

Procter & Gamble: Leading With Unmatched Diversity Of Brands

  • Success Through Strategic Acquisitions And Management
  • Strategic Imperatives

S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.: From Speciality Cleaners To Wipes

  • Venturing Into Premoistened Wipes

Reckitt Benckiser, Plc: Clean Presence World Over

  • Expanding To Wipes

43 3M Company Continuing Innovation

  • Convenience With High Performance

Kimberly-Clark Corporation: From Personal Care To Home Products

  • Foray Into Household Care

Sara Lee Corporation From Food To Furniture Care

  • Furniture And Electronics

Orange Glo International A Garage Story

  • Foraying Into Wipes

Chapter 4: Marketing Trends

  • New Product Introductions
  • Nonwoven Fabric Innovations Proliferate
  • Floor Wipes Sweep Clean
  • Newer Wipe Applications
  • Backfired Brand Extensions
  • Pet Priorities
  • Swiffer Vs. Ready Mop
  • A Surge In Demand For Surface Surfactants
  • Wipes And Brand Loyalty
  • Marketer-Supplier Relationship
  • A Swipe At Car Care
  • Fragrance Driving Wipes Sales
  • Table 4-1: The U.S. Wipes Market: Selected New Product Introductions, 2000-2002: 24 Marketers/65 Brands

Advertising And Promotion Trends

  • Ad Spending Approaches $200 Million In 2002
  • Clorox, P&G And S. C. Johnson The Big Spenders
  • Other Major Spenders
  • Toss And Go!
  • Advertising In Broadcasting Networks

Chapter 5: Retail Dynamics

  • Distribution Basics
  • The Role Of Private Label
  • Shelf Space At A Premium
  • Retail Prices For Cleaner Cloths/Wipes Product Introductions
  • Pricing And Packaging
  • Retail Prices For Mops/Brooms Product Introductions
  • Table 5-1:Suggested U. S. Retail Prices For Selected Cleaner Cloths/Wipe Products
  • Table 5-2: Suggested U. S. Retail Prices For Selected Mops/Broom Products

Retail Focus By Outlet Type

  • Front End Displays By Mass Merchandisers
  • Consolidation Among Retailers

Appendix: Addresses of Select Marketers

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