Market Trends: Footcare Products

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Published Jan 1, 2005 | 123 Pages | Pub ID: LA1037786

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While the retail foot care products industry has shown slow growth over the past four years, it has still been an interesting time of change. The category has evolved from being a prescription-driven business to a consumer-driven one, laying a basis for future innovation and excitement. Consumer trends like self-medication and self-indulgence are invigorating the market. And certainly there is no shortage of sufferers: Three out of four Americans experience serious foot problems in their lifetime and marketers can’t ignore the sore feet of the aging Boomer population.

However, foot care marketers face serious challenges in capturing consumers for the long term. There is competition from new niche entrants, issues related to branding and differentiating their products, and a potential price war between the name brands and private labels.

This all-new report from Packaged Facts examines a new era in foot care marketing based on comprehensive secondary research as well as primary research, including commentary from industry insiders. Market Trends: The U.S. Market for Foot Care Products explores key competitive trends in two segments— foot care devices and OTC foot care medication — making cross-segment comparisons not available elsewhere. For each category, the report charts historical sales and projections; analyzes marketing and new product trends driving sales of foot care products; and examines cross-tabulated Simmons Market Research Bureau data on consumer opinions and product purchasing.

Introducing Market Trends
Market Trends is the latest product line from Packaged Facts. These timely, compact reports offer insight and analysis into new product trends, demographic shifts, and consumer behaviors that affect the food, beverage and consumer goods and services industries.

Report Methodology
The information in Market Trends: The U.S. Market for Foot Care Products was obtained from both primary and secondary research. Primary research data is provided by Simmons Market Research Bureau (consumer buying and usage data), Information Resources Inc. (market share data), and ProductScan (new product introduction data). Secondary research data has been obtained from trade association publications, business and medical journals, company literature and websites, databases, and investment reports.

What You’ll Get in this Report
Market Trends: The U.S. Market for Foot Care Products is an analysis of the foot care and foot protection category. It looks at manufacturing and marketing strategies, consumer and brand trends, available products and delivery channels, factors for future growth and key players. No other market research report provides the analysis and trends coverage that this report offers. Plus, you’ll benefit from extensive data, presented in easy-to-read and practical charts, tables and graphs.

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