Market Trend: Licensed Kids' Personal Care Products Market

   Single User - $2,250
   Corporate License - $4,500

Published Aug 1, 2008 | 114 Pages | Pub ID: LA1812797

What’s more fun than brushing your teeth? Brushing your teeth with a Spiderman toothbrush, or maybe even a Care Bears toothbrush that sings “You Are My Sunshine” when it’s time to stop brushing. Welcome to the colorful, tuneful, often quirky and playfully hygienic world of licensed kids’ personal care products. With the nostalgia factor bringing back a number of classic characters, the influx of 21st century icons driving licensors and licensees to broaden and create new product lines and increased consumer awareness of environmental and health-related issues spurring innovation across the board, 2008 promises to offer tons of opportunities. However, will marketers take advantage of the untried and untested in a dismal economy? They may have to try something new to spur growth. In 2007, sales of licensed kids’ personal care products were down an estimated 39% from the 2006 level of $477 million.

This all new Packaged Facts report delves into the myriad aspects of the licensed kids personal care market, from oral care to hair care to customizable adhesive strips, and looks at the vast opportunities for licensors and licensees in this product arena where staying fresh should never get old.

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