The Teens Market

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With deep parental pockets and insatiable consumer appetites, teens are a marketer's dream. Today over 31 million teens carry more marketing clout than ever, influencing as much as $200 billion in family spending. In this updated Packaged Facts report readers find the latest data on teens age 12-19, including demographic information, market projections through 2004 and expenditures and trends in major market categories, including apparel and accessories, sports and entertainment, food and beverages, and personal grooming products. This revised report offers strategies and examples for marketing to teens, as well as a thorough discussion of teen shopping and retail patterns.
  1. Executive Summary
    Scope and Methodology
    • Teen Market Defined as Youth Age 12-19
    • Report Methodology
    • Today's Teens an Affluent, Savvy Group
    • 31.4 Million Teens Age 12-19 in 1999
    • Table 1-1: U.S. Teen Population, 1995-2020 (number)
    • Racial, Ethnic Diversity Greater Among Teens
    • Figure 1-1: U.S. Teen Population vs. Total Population by Race, 1999 (percent): 5 Races
    • Over 15 Million Teens in High School
    • Almost All Teens Use Computers
    • Teens Confident, Optimistic
    • A Teenage Contradiction: Independence vs. Peer Pressure
    The Market
    • Packaged Facts Estimates Teen Aggregate Income at $130 Billion in 1999
    • Teens Influence as Much as $200-$300 Billion in Annual Household Spending
    • Spending Increases with Age
    Teens as Consumers
    • Teens Avid Consumers Since Birth
    • Hot Trends Come and Go, But Major Teen Spending Categories Remain the Same
    • Today's Teens Are Tomorrow's Top Consumer Group
    • Quality Top Factor in Product Choice
    • Brand Consciousness High Among Teens
    Teen Use of Media
    • TV Still Rules as Top Teen Media
    • Marketers Programming for Teen Viewer
    • Music Serves as Common Denominator
    • Radio Earns 25% of Teens' Media Attention
    • Teens Lukewarm on Print Media
    • Magazines Popular with Teen Readers
    • New Publications Jump into Teen Market
    • 17 Million Teens Online by 2002
    • Internet Media Developers, Marketers Face Special Challenges
    • Teens Experts at Multi-Tasking
    Marketing to Teens
    • Teens an Elusive Target Market
    • Marketers Looking to Trendsetting Teens
    • Teens Are Discriminating Ad Consumers
    • Teens Demand Honesty, Authenticity
    • Marketers Advised to Avoid Use of Slang
    • Teens Admire Celebrities—Including "Real" Teens

  2. Dempgraphics
    Market Overview
    • Today's Teens an Affluent, Savvy Group
    • Teen Market Defined as Youth Age 12-19
    • Teens Are Independent, Savvy, Pragmatic
    • Individualistic, Too
    • Dual-Income Households Affect Teen Development
    • Fast-Paced Techno-Culture Creates Adaptable "Net-Gen"
    • Teens Embrace Traditional Values
    • Although They Face Adult Issues, Teens Are Still Adolescents
    • U.S. Teen Culture Spreads Around the Globe
    • 31.4 Million Teens Age 12-19 in 1999
    • Table 2-1: U.S. Teen Population, 1995-2020 (number)
    • Teens Growing at Twice the Rate of Overall U.S. Population
    • Table 2-2: Growth Rate of U.S. Teen Population vs. Total Population, 1999-2005 (number and percent)
    • All Ages Equally Represented Among Teens
    • Table 2-3: U.S. Teen Population by Age, 1999 (number and percent)
    • Teens Comprise Two Basic Age Groups
    • Teens 12-15: Emerging Adolescents
    • Teens 16-19: Emerging Adults
    • Racial, Ethnic Diversity Greater Among Teens
    • Figure 2-1: U.S. Teen Population vs. Total Population by Race, 1999 (percent): 5 Races
    • Males 12-19 Outnumber Females—But Just Barely
    • Figure 2-2: Share of U.S. Teen Population by Gender, 1999 (percent)
    • Teen Income Depends on Parents, Jobs
    • Teen Income Averages $80 Per Week
    • Younger Teens Have More Unearned Income
    • Older Teens Earn Money from Jobs
    • Almost All Teen Income Is Discretionary
    • Older Teens Have Credit Cards
    • Debit Cards Growing in Popularity
    Education and Careers
    • Teens Consider Education Important for Future Success
    • Over 15 Million Teens in High School
    • Teens Spending More Years in School
    • Teens Spend Half of Waking Hours in School
    • Favorite Subject? Lunch! (But Math Really Rules)
    • Most Teens Obtain Some Post-Secondary Education
    • Educational Attainment Tied with Parents' Success
    • But Financial Hurdles Thwart, Limit College Goals
    • Independent Attitude Shapes Teen View of Careers, Workplace
    Teens and Technology
    • Today's Teens Are Techno-Savvy
    • Almost All Teens Use Computers
    • Connected Teens Weave a World Wide Web
    • How Teens Use the Internet
    • Three Phases of Online Connectivity
    • Online and In Touch: Teens Stay Connected
    • Chat Rooms, Surveys Attract Parental Concern
    • The Net Generation: A Different Way of Thinking
    • Internet Shaping Teen Values, Global Social Structure
    • Cell Phones, Pagers, and Other Standard Items of the Digital Age
    • Today's Teens Will Drive Tomorrow's Technology Markets
    Teen Health and Well-Being
    • Experts Express Concern Regarding Teen Health, Physical Fitness
    • Alcohol: The Drug of Choice Among Teenagers
    • Teen Smoking Continues to Rise
    • Youth Anti-Smoking Efforts Stepped Up by FDA
    • Teens Favor "Designer" Drugs
    • Anabolic Steroid Use Up Among Teen Boys
    • Violence Affects Most Teens' Lives
    • Teens Generally Feel Safe at School
    • Most High Schools Have Security Guards, Other Measures in Place
    • Sexual Issues Facing Teens
    • Suicide: Third Leading Cause of Teen Deaths
    • Self-Image Problems, Especially Among Teen Girls
    • Emerging Teen Feminism Gives Rise to Grrrl Power
    Issues Important to Teens
    • Modern Family Lifestyles Give Teens More Independence, Responsibility
    • Teens Confident, Optimistic
    • Basic Rites of Passage Remain Constant Among American Teens
    • Teens and Parents Get Along
    • Today's Teen Parent More Tolerant, Attentive
    • Teens Want Guidance
    • Teens Have Strong Social Concerns
    • Volunteerism, Political Activity Motivate Teens
    • Teens Find Safety in Traditional Values
    • Nonconformists Feel Pressure to Fit In
    • A Teenage Contradiction: Independence vs. Peer Pressure
    • Despite Strong Desire for Individualism, Peer Pressure Cooker Heating Up
    • Teens Seek Individuality, Uniqueness
    • Today's Teen Globally Aware, Ethnically Diverse
    • "Cultural Crossover" Blurs Lines
    • Freedom of Expression Important

  3. The Market
    Market Size and Growth
    • Market Size Estimates Vary Widely
    • Packaged Facts Estimates Teen Aggregate Income at $130 Billion in 1999
    • Teens Influence as Much as $200-$300 Billion in Annual Household Spending
    • Teens Influence Food, Entertainment Expenditures
    • Spending Increases with Age
    • Some Older Teens Already Transitioned to Adult World
    • Teens Spend More Than They Earn
    • Teens and Money Management
    Factors to Market Growth
    • Rising Teen Population Means Growing Market
    • More Money to Spend
    • Teens Mining Entrepreneurial Spirit
    • Across Generations, Teen Desires Remain the Same
    • Hispanic Teens a Growing Group of Enthusiastic Consumers
    • American Teens Embrace Hispanic Culture
    • More Youngsters Acting Like Teens
    • Teens "Champing at Bit" to Shop Online
    • Online Credit, Debit Cards Filling the Void
    • Today's Teens: Gung-Ho Consumers
    • U.S.-Driven Global Teen Culture Emerging
    Projected Market Growth
    • Teen Market Projected at $161 Billion in 2004
    • Table 3-1: Projected Growth of Teen Market Aggregate Income, 1999-2004 (dollars)
    • Today's Teen, Tomorrow's Adult Consumer

  4. Teens as Consumers
    • Teens Avid Consumers Since Birth
    • Savvy Means Smart, Not Cynical
    • Individualistic Nature Conflicts with Need to Belong
    • Peer Pressure, Media Barrage Drive Teen Purchasing
    • Hot Trends Come and Go, But Major Teen Spending Categories Remain the Same
    • Today's Teens Are Tomorrow's Top Consumer Group
    Teen Shopping Patterns
    • Busy Parents Create Savvy Consumers by Turning Shopping Duties Over to Teens
    • Teens Filling Grocery Carts
    • Teens Influence Variety of Family Purchases
    • As Children, Teens Made Price, Quality, Brand Decisions
    • Teens Comparison Shop, Value Quality, Price
    • Shopping a "National Pastime"
    • Teen Consumer Patterns, Trends Shift Rapidly
    • Teens Coming of Age Amidst "Transient Cultural Environment"
    • Teens Conduct Their Own Research Prior to Buying
    • Market Encompasses Innovators and Followers
    • Individualism Essential to Today's Teens
    • Individualism Drives Teen Consumer Demands
    • But Need to Belong Still Vitally Important
    • Teens' Perceptions About Their Age Affect Their Consumer Behavior
    • What's "Cool"?
    • Scoping Out Coolness
    • Quality Top Factor in Product Choice
    • It's Got to Be Real
    • Logos and Labels: Brand Consciousness High Among Teens
    • Favorite Brands Among Teens
    Teen Spending Patterns: Overview
    • Teens Spend Heavily on Clothes, Entertainment
    • Older Teens Have More Money to Spend
    • Hispanic Teens Outspend Anglo Counterparts
    • Less Shopping Supervision as Teens Mature
    Teen Spending Patterns: Clothing, Footwear, and Accessories
    • Clothes Make the Teen
    • Apparel Spending Estimated at Over $33 Billion
    • Back-to-School Apparel Spending Near $14 Billion
    • Both Boys and Girls Are Fashion-Conscious
    • Boys, Girls Have Their Own Favorite Brands
    • Function Rules, But Form Not Far Behind
    • Dependable Denim: Jeans Remain Wardrobe Staple
    • Khakis Back in Style
    • Mixing and Matching a Fashion Requirement
    • Hispanic Culture Influencing Teen Fashions
    • Sports Looks Gaining in Popularity
    • Apparel Marketers Offering Larger Sizes
    • Shoes: Clunky, Chunky, and Hotter Than Ever
    • Teen Girls Love to Accessorize
    • Handbags and Backpacks Come in All Styles
    • Color, Glitter Catch Teens' Eyes
    Teen Spending Patterns: Entertainment and Leisure
    • Teens Are Entertainment-Driven
    • Teens Spend $21 Billion on Entertainment
    • Top Teen Pastimes Include Socializing, TV
    • Teens Juggle Time Amid Growing Recreation Choices
    • Friends, Social Life Dominate Teens' Leisure Time
    • Cell Phones, Pagers Help Teens Reach Out and Touch One Another
    • Popular Music a Soundtrack for Adolescence
    • Connected Teens Find Music Online
    • TV Also Used for Videogames, Movies
    • Teens Adore Videogames
    • Movies Remain Popular with Teens
    • Teens Love Movie-Related Products
    • Teens Prime Consumers of Sporting Goods
    Teen Spending Patterns: Food and Beverages
    • Hearty Appetites for Food and Beverages
    • Teen Annual Food Spending Estimated at $15 Billion
    • Teens Control the Shopping Cart
    • Top Teen Supermarket Purchases Include Snacks, Ready-to-Eat Items
    • Snacking a Favorite Teen Pastime
    • Fast Food a Teen Diet Staple
    • Fast-Moving Teens Favor "Effortless" Foods
    • Milk a Perennial Staple
    • Carbonated Beverages Even More Popular
    • Non-Carbonated Beverages Also Quench Teens' Thirst
    • Brand Consciousness Extends to Food, Beverages
    • Teens Attracted to Easy-Going Restaurants, Coffeehouses
    Teen Spending Patterns: Personal Care and Cosmetics
    • Teens Eager to Try Cosmetics, Personal Care Products
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care Spending Tops $8 Billion
    • Teen Grooming Starts with Skincare
    • Bath and Shower Products Also Popular
    • Cosmetics Offer Chance to Experiment
    • Lip, Nail Products Most Popular Among Teen Girls
    • Nail Products Attract Accessorizing Teens
    • Girls Eager to Learn About Makeup, Beauty
    • Cosmetic Products Viewed as Fashion Accessories, Go Beyond Just Face and Nails
    • Cosmetic and Beauty Brands Preferred by Teens
    • Teenage Girls Love Scented Products
    • Hair: Canvas for Experimentation
    • Hair Accessories Provide Crowning Touch
    Teen Spending Patterns: Other Categories
    • Teens Spend $20 Billion on Gifts, Candles, Other Items
    • Teens Love to Decorate Their Rooms
    • Growing Interest in Linens, Soft Goods
    • Gift-Giving: Teens Love to Share the Wealth
    Retail Overview
    • Teens Shop at Groceries, Convenience Stores
    • Malls Remain Top Teen Hangout Center
    • Other Retail Centers Also Popular
    • Specialty Stores Attract Independent-Minded Teens
    • Specialty Stores Favored by Teens
    • Supermarkets Waking Up to Power of Teen Shoppers
    • Drugstores Attract Teens with Cosmetics, Convenience
    • Mass Retailers Also Targeting Teens
    • Department Stores Trying But Still Face Obstacles
    • More Catalogs Aimed at Teens
    The Retail Environment
    • Teens Crave Newness
    • Teens Appreciate Friendly Attitudes
    • Atmosphere Sets the Tone
    • Displays Need Constant Updating
    • Teens Demand Fresh, Varied Inventory
    • Teens Want to Experiment Without Penalty
    • Gimmicks Not as Important as Getting What They Want
    • But Promotions Can Attract Teens
    • Back-To-School, Other Seasonal Shopping
    Online Shopping
    • Online Shopping by Teens to Reach $1.3 Billion by 2002
    • Online Stores Span Wide Range of Categories
    • Teens Want Online Shopping to Be Quick and Easy
    • Traditional Retailers Still Have "Hands-On" Advantage
    Retailer Profiles
    • Gadzooks Creates Teen-Friendly Environment
    • Gap/Old Navy a Hit with Teens
    • Target Hits the Spot with Teens
    • Delia's Wants to "Own Teen Generation"

  5. Teen Use of Media
    • Overview
    • Teens Grow Up Amidst Constant Media Barrage
    • Teens View Media as Interactive
    • Teens Look to Media for Information, Entertainment
    • Teens Say Radio, Cable Are Best Ways to Reach Them
    • A Cultural Touchstone
    • Television Losing Some of its Clout with Generation Y
    • But TV Still Rules as Top Teen Media
    • Teens Seek Relevant Programming
    • Marketers Programming for Teen Viewer
    • Favorite Teen Shows Found on Younger Networks
    • Older Networks Offering More Teen Favorites
    • Boys and Girls Favor Different Programs
    • MTV, Other Cable Channels Attract Teen Viewers
    • MTV Taps Teen Interest in Culture, Music
    • The MTV Music Trendsetters Study
    • MTV's Real World a Big Hit Among Teens
    • Dawson's Creek Inspires Fan Loyalty
    • Teens and Parents Share Viewing Times, But Not Programs
    • Channel One Creates Classroom Controversy
    • Teens Open to New Viewing Technologies
    • Music Serves as Common Denominator
    • Radio Earns 25% of Teens' Media Attention
    • Teens Loyal to Local Stations
    • But Individualistic Teens Seek Diversity
    • Internet Reshaping Radio Landscape
    • Music Brings Hispanic Culture Across Ethnic Lines
    • Urban Music Permeates American Teen Culture
    • Teens Lukewarm on Print Media
    • Boys, Girls Use Print Differently
    • Magazines Popular with Teen Readers
    • Boys, Girls, Have Different Favorites
    • Niche Magazines Target Boys
    • GamePro a New Leader Among Boys' Magazines
    • Girls Still Favor Venerable Seventeen
    • Newcomers Led by Teen People
    • Other Publications Jump into Teen Market
    • Hip-Hop Magazines Appeal to Urban Youth
    • New Magazines Target Growing Hispanic Readership
    • Magazines Getting Real, But Focus on Appearances, Stereotypes Still Prevalent
    • Major Teen Magazines Spawn Book Publishing Efforts
    • "Magalogs" Combine Sales with Editorial Content
    • Newspapers Low on Teens' Media List
    Electronic Media
    • 17 Million Teens Online by 2002
    • Cyberspace Just Another Media World
    • Internet Media Developers, Marketers Face Special Challenges
    • Computer Time Includes Homework, Chatting
    • Teens Experts at Multi-Tasking
    • Study Defines Three Stages of Teen Internet Use
    • Teens View Cyberspace as Community Forum
    • Websites Required to Reach Today's Teen
    • Teens Attracted to Popular Websites
    • Savvy Teens Bolt to Online Communities
    • Delia's Subsidiary Offers gURL Power
    • E-Zines, Other Internet Media Gaining Popularity

  6. Marketing to Teens
    Overview: Understanding the Teen Audience
    • Today's Teens Complex, Different
    • Teens Hold Positive, Traditional Values
    • Sophisticated Teens Are Independent-Minded
    • Teens Respectful of Each Other's Differences
    • Teens Want to Be Unique
    • …But Peer Pressure Still Plays Strong Role
    • Teens Preoccupied with Personalization
    • Customization Also Important
    • Teens Demand the Right to Experiment
    • Teens Want to Decide for Themselves
    • Only Teens Can Determine What's Cool
    • Global Teen Community Relies on Word of Mouth
    • Teens Remain Brand Sensitive
    • Brand Loyalties Often Set Early On
    • Age, Life Stage Affect Brand Importance
    • Adolescence a Time of Change
    • Adult Issues Face Older Teens
    • Teens an Elusive Target Market
    • Four Teen Subgroups Identified by Teenage Research Unlimited
    • Teens Take Control of Own Trends
    • Marketers Looking to Trendsetting Teens
    • Teen Trendsetter Groups Offer Valuable Insights
    • Teens Important Marketing Partners
    • But Anti-Consumerism Backlash Possible
    • American Teens at Center of Global Village
    Teens and Advertising
    • Teens Are Discriminating Ad Consumers
    • Teens Demand Sophistication in Digital Marketing Era
    • Teens View Ads as Form of Popular Culture
    • Teens Unimpressed by Traditional Ad Approaches
    • Teens Cite Top Advertising Rules
    • Teens Demand Honesty, Authenticity
    • Honesty Can Be Well-Rewarded
    • Practical Teens Relate Ads to Product Quality
    • Teens Want to Know Why to Buy
    • Teens Seek Confidence to Try Products
    • Teens Process Ad Imagery, Information Differently
    • Teens Get Bored Easily, Demand Freshness
    • Teens Appreciate Use of Retro Elements
    • Humor Is Key Ingredient to Successful Advertising
    • "Edgy" Ads Capture Attention, But May Be Overdone
    • Simple, Real-Life Messages and Stories Also Work
    • Appropriateness Important When Advertising to Teens
    • School-Based Advertising a Budget-Balancer's Dream
    • … Or Educational Nightmare
    • Channel One Network on in 12,000 Schools
    Advertising Fundamentals
    • Rule Number One: Be Honest
    • Rule Number Two: Know Your Audience
    • Rule Number Three: Use Plenty of Humor
    • Rule Number Four: Grab Their Attention with Freshness, Excitement
    • Rule Number Five: Count on Music as Common Denominator
    • Rule Number Six: Be Environmentally, Politically Sensitive
    • Rule Number Seven: Get Real
    • Rule Number Eight: Target Life Stages, Not Trends
    • Rule Number Nine: Be Inclusive—But Not Too Politically Correct
    • Rule Number Ten: Uphold Traditional Values—Lightly
    Use of Language When Marketing to Teens
    • Teen Speech Habits Abbreviated, Distinctive
    • Slang Allows Teens to Create Own World
    • Marketers Advised to Avoid Use of Slang
    Use of Celebrities When Marketing to Teens
    • Teens Admire Celebrities—Including "Real" Teens
    • Sports, Entertainment Celebrities Perennial Favorites
    • Currently Popular Teen Celebrities
    • But Fame Can Be Fleeting—Or Overdone
    • Jansport Uses Array of Celebrities in Advertising
    • Sports Endorsers Losing Some of Their Sparkle
    • Local Heros Also Carry Weight
    Public Relations and Promotions Strategies
    • Multimedia Programs Required to Reach Busy Teens
    • Interactivity Important
    • Teens Adore Free Samples, Giveaways
    • Promotions Must Address Teen Skepticism
    • "Guerrilla" Tactics Enter Teen Milieu
    • VooDoo Rain Takes to the Streets in VW Bugs
    • Schools Offer Promotional Opportunities
    • Coca-Cola's Coke Card School Promotion Generates Word-of-Mouth Excitement
    • Coke Promotes Mr. Pibb with Videogame Offer
    • Salons Find Success with School Promo Tie-Ins
    • Movie, TV Tie-Ins May Be a Gamble
    • Marketers, Teens Benefit from Partnership Programs
    • Teens Appreciate Event Sponsorships
    • Music Concert Sponsorships Effective with Teens

  7. Examples of Campaigns and Strategies Targeted to Teens
    Food and Beverages
    • Wheaties Features New Teen Sports Idols
    • Burger King Pairs with Backstreet Boys
    • Wendy's Says "Bite Me"
    • Honeycomb Cereal Shapes Users' Lives
    • Humor, Color Distinguish Starburst Hard Candy Ads
    • Reese's Banks on Simple Designs, Quirky Humor
    • Wrigley's Employs Bold Style, Humor
    Clothing, Footwear, and Accessories
    • Clean Images, Retro-Modern Feel Make Gap Ads Effective
    • Gap's "That's Holiday" Campaign Puts Millennial Twist on Traditional Themes
    • Target Targets Teens for Spring Break 2000
    • Hilfiger Banks on Red, White, and Blue
    • tommy girl Perfume Ad Makes "Declaration of Independence"
    • tommy Jeans Ad Emphasizes "Real World" Looks
    • Event Sponsorship Another Popular Appeal
    • Nike Trying Out New Ad Themes
    • Ralph Lauren/Polo Ads Echo Hilfiger Appeal
    • Steve Madden Takes Edge "Be-Yourself" Approach
    • Guess? Goes Traditional
    • New Dr. Martens Sandals Let Teens Customize Their Feet
    • Skechers Ads Tout Both Casual and Cutting Edge
    • Delia's Uses Internet, Magazines to Advertise Its Catalogs
    Personal Care and Cosmetics
    • Street Wear Is Colorful, Customizable
    • Advertising for Sassaby's jane Both Fun and Practical
    • Clinique Targets Teens with Acne Solutions
    • Naturistics Offers Younger Teens "Sweet Way to Shine"
    • Cover Girl Plays on Eastern Mystique
    • Tampax Campaign Positioned on Dependability and Information Teen Girls Appreciate
    • Clean & Clear Helps Teens Keep Their Skin "Under Control"
    Leisure and Recreational Products
    • Nintendo Goes for Gamers
    • Teen Star Mandy Moore Endorses Sony Psyc Player
    • Rocket Cash Promotes Online Shopping
    • Kodak Clicks into Teen Sensibilities
    • American Greetings Bubblegum Card Ads Offer Interactivity
    • Sam Goody Wants to Make Friends

    Appendix I: Advertisements. This appendix appears in bound editions only.
    Appendix II: Addresses of Selected Marketers and Retailers