Tea and Ready-to-Drink Tea: U.S. Retail Market, 6th Edition

Dec 8, 2016
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Tea and Ready-to-Drink Tea: U.S. Retail Market, 6th Edition

The tea market in the U.S. continues to enjoy mass appeal in the U.S. The category’s performance in the last couple of years, particularly in ready-to-drink segments, has shown the strong durability of the market.

Tea is experiencing growth, impacted by factors including: an interest in tea culture at foodservice; new products that emphasize tea’s functionality; trends towards premium and specialized products in bagged, loose and ready-to-drink tea; and Starbucks’ push into RTD tea through its partnership with Anheuser-Busch.

Packaged Facts’ report Tea and Ready-to-Drink Tea: U.S. Retail Market, 6th Edition focuses on the dynamic market for packaged tea, particularly with respect to the impact of current product, marketing, and consumer trends. The report offers market size and growth projections for tea and features the results of an exclusive Packaged Facts national online consumer survey of tea drinkers’ tendencies, preferences, and purchase influences.

Scope and Methodology

Market trends and market size estimates within Tea and Ready-to-Drink Tea: U.S. Retail Market, 6th Edition are based on both public and syndicated data sources. Sales, market size, and consumer data sources drawn upon include:
  • IRI sales tracking through U.S. supermarkets and grocery stores, drugstores, and mass merchandisers with annual sales of $2 million or more;
  • Published company reports and news releases.
This report also draws on a proprietary Packaged Facts National Consumer Survey conducted in July/August 2016 with a sample size of 2,000 U.S. adults age 18+. The sample composition is representative of the national population by gender, age bracket, geographic region, race/ethnicity, household income bracket, and presence of children in the household. In addition, the report draws on data from the Experian Marketing Services Spring 2009-2016 Simmons NCS Adult Studies.
Scope of Report
Report Methodology
Teo Sales Rise to $7.3 billion
Table 1-1 Tea sales in the U.S.,2011-2015 (in billions of dollars and percent)
Teo by Chonnel
IRI-trocked Teo Shoots Up
Table 1-2IRI-Tracked SalesofTea: Overall and by segment, 2016 (in millions)
Looking Ahead
Table 1-3 Tea sales in the U.S.,2016-2020 (in billions of dollars and percent)
Teo Culture Blossoms
Functional: The Next Wove
ConsumerShifts Create Opportunity and Peril
Powerhouse Brands Target RTDTeo
Teo Market Shore Spread Out
Marketing Trends
Praduct Trends
Retail Trends
Tea Market Share Spread Out
Tea Consumption Trends
Hot and Cold Tea Usage by Gender
Table 1-4 Tea Usage by Gender, 2016
Tea Culture Blossoms
Gourmet Gear
Functional: The Next Wave
Illustration 2-1 Republic ofTea's UoMatcha Charcoal
Consumer Shifts Create Opportunity and Peril
Powerhouse Brands Target RTDTea
Tea Sales Rise to $7.3 billion
Table 3-1 Tea Sales in the U.S., 2011-2015 (in billions of dollars and percent)
Teo by Chonnel..
Table 3-2 Share of U.S. Sales ofTea by Channel, 2016 (percent)
IRI-trocked Teo Shoots Up lB
Table 3-3IRI-Tracked Sales ofTea: Overall and by Segment, 2016 (in millions)
Looking Ahead
Table 3-4 Projected Tea Sales in the U.S., 2016-2020 (in billions of dollars and percent)
Teo Market Share Spread Out
Table 4-1 Top Marketers ofTea at Food, Drug and Mass Merchandisers, 2016 (in millions)
Pepsi Lipton Tea Partnership Tops RTDTea
Table 4-2 Top Marketers of Canned and Bottled Tea, 2016 (in millions)
Table 4-3 8iggest Canned and Bottled Tea 8rand Line Gainers, 2016 (in millions)
Gold Peak Tops Refrigerated Tea
Table 4-4 Top Marketers of Refrigerated Tea, 2016 (in millions)
Table4-5 Biggest Refrigerated Tea Brand line Gainers, 2016 (in millions)
Lipton Tops Bagged/Loose Tea Segment
Table 4-6 Top Marketers ofTea (Bags/Loose), 2016 (in millions)
Table 4-7 Blggest Tea (Bags/Loose) Brand Line Gainers, 2016 (in millions)
Four Players with Double Digit Share in Single-Cup Tea
Table 4-8 Top Marketers of Single-Cup Tea, 2016 (in millions)
Table 4-9 Biggest Single-Cup Tea Brand Line Gainers, 2016 (in millions)
Private Label Tea Market Feels the Pain
Table 4-10 Private Label Tea, 2016 (in millions)
Global Positioning at Lipton
Illustration 5-1 Lipton's Bright Bites Website
Experiential Effortfor Lipton Sparkling Ice Tea
Pure LeafMoves into Television
Illustration 5-2 Pure Leaf Recipes onYouTube
Brisk Targets Urban Teens
Gold Peak Tokes It Home
Illustration 5-3 Gold Peak TV Spot
Snapple Goes Madcap
Illustration 5-4 Snapple "Bees" TV Spot
"Butterflyz"at Fuze
AriZona ond Marketing
The Honesty Index
Celestial Makeover Misstep
Illustration 5-5 Celestial Seasoning: Image Makeover
Expanding Premium Tier
Natural Strategies
Illustration 5-6 AriZona Good Brew
Sparkling Products in the Spotlight
Tea Lattes Proliferote
Illustration 5-7 Hain Celestial: Celestial Lattes Line
Exotic Flavor Directions
Specialty TeasAdvancing
Matcha: The Super/ood Tea
Illustration 5-8 New Brisk Tea Flavor: Brisk Mate
Unrest in Kombucha
Single-Serve Form
Instant Tea
Segmentation in Hot Tea
Illustration 5-9 Pure Leaf Bagged and Loose Leaf Tea
Illustration 5-10 Bigelow: New Steep Brand
Illustration 5-11 Tazo Grand Tour Collection
Consumer Mindsets Are Shifting
Developments in Mass Channels
Tea Retailers
Illustration 6-1 T2: New York SoHo Location
Tea Cafes
Online Channel
Illustration 6-2 Tea Category: Amazon Dash Buttons
Illustration 6-3 Online Ad for DAVIDsTEA
Tea Consumption Trends
Table 7-1 Usage Rates for Leaf and Instant Tea, 2009-2016 (percent)
Table 7-2 Usage Rates for Ready-to-Drink Tea, 2009-2016 (percent)
Hot and Cold Tea Usage by Gender
Table 7-3 Tea Usage Rates by Gender, 2016
Gender Differences in Frequency of Consumption
Table7-4 Numberof Teaor TeaDrinks Consumed PerDay: Overall and by Gender, 2016
Teo Channel Shopping by Gender
Table 7-5 Tea Purchasing Patterns by Retail Channel: By Gender, 2016
Teo Type Preferences
Table7-5 Caffeinated Y5. Decaffeinated Y5. Herbal TeaConsumption Patterns, 2016
Table 7-6 Tea Usage Rates by Form: Overall and by Age Bracket, 2016
Table 7-7 Types ofTea Drunk at Home: Overall and by Age Bracket, 2016
Table 7-8 Types ofTea at Drunk at Restaurants/Cafes: Overall and by Age Bracket, 2016
Table 7-9 Types ofTea Drunk Most Often at Home or Restaurants/cafes: Overall and by Age Bracket,2016
Brand Preference Trends
Table 7-10 Regular Tea (in Bagsor Packages)Consumption Trends by Brand, 2008-2016 (percent)
Table 7-11 Instant Ice Tea Mix Consumption Trends by Brand, 2008-2016 (percent)
Table 7-12 Ready-to-Drink Iced Tea Consumption Trends by Brand, 2008-2016 (percent)
Tea Consumer Demographics
Table 7-13 Demographics of Tea Consumers (Bagged/Packages and Instant) by Select Brands, 2016(Index)
Table 7-14 Demographics of Ready-to-Drink Tea Consumers by Select Brands, 2016 (Index)

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