New Spins on Standards 2017: Culinary Trend Tracking Series

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Published Oct 30, 2017 | Pub ID: LA15351556
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Culinary trend tracking is about rubber-necking for the next sriracha, but it’s not only that.  For this issue of Culinary Trend Tracking Series (CuTTS), Packaged Facts goes back-to-the-basics to look at chef-driven trends around menu, kitchen, and pantry staples: beets, black pepper, bread, butter, cauliflower, eggs, figs, honey, meatballs, nuts, olives, pasta and cheese, ricotta, sweet potato, and tea.  As a key piece of the puzzle, we’ll look at how creative new applications can span the restaurant vs. retail divide to participate in progressive food industry innovation.  The analysis provides:

  • Quick, menu data-supported introduction to basic ingredients and dishes trending on restaurant/foodservice menus
  • Generous listing of current menu items and images featuring these trending ingredients and dishes
  • Detailed, on-target trend translation tips for menus and retail foods
  • Fresh, relevant insights for tying substantive innovation to culinary and consumer market trends.

Several key trend drivers propelling food trends are discussed throughout this report. These will be familiar to marketers, brand managers, and consumer trend specialists who are tracking what is compelling to consumers and motivates them to purchase and consume certain foods and beverages, and to replace one menu selection or packaged product with another:

  • Redefining Quality and Premium
  • Nutritional and Dietary Drivers
  • Food Affordability, Safety, and Sustainability
  • Rooted and Crafted
  •  Multiculturalism and Fusion
  • Sensory Adventure: Color, Flavor, Texture
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and Customization
  • Comfort Foods & Indulgence
  • Redefining Mealtime and Snacking
These drivers align with core consumer values that can be tapped for menu and new product development, brand and product positioning and marketing, and communications. Menu and retail trend translation tips included in the profiles provide detailed ideas and suggestions on how these culinary trends could be used to generate business growth.  

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