Sleep Management in the U.S.: Consumer Strategies

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Published Feb 17, 2017 | 117 Pages | Pub ID: LA5916754
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Sleep Management in the U.S.: Consumer Strategies

Understanding how consumers treat and manage sleep disturbances and disorders is fundamental to market participants’ product and marketing strategies: it reveals troubled sleepers’ relationships with and among key market constituents. These relationships span a gamut of traditional and alternative healthcare practitioners, and prescription and non-prescription drugs, as well as vitamins and supplements, health care and retail products, diet and health and more. The relationships are informed by not only who and what troubled sleepers choose to treat their sleep problems but also by their attitudes towards those constituents, as well as changes in these relationships over time.

Sleep Management in the U.S.: Consumer Strategies provides industry participants with an organized, insight-driven roadmap to navigating consumers’ sleep treatment and management strategies, helping to leverage market opportunity. The report focuses on how adults approach and treat sleep disturbances and sleep disorders, emphasizing consumer survey analysis, including trends over time. The report studies two distinct groups: “troubled sleepers” and adults who have specific sleep conditions/disorders. Demographic analysis of these groups is woven into report analysis.

Content is further segmented by source of sleep disorder diagnosis (self-diagnosis vs. professional diagnosis) and by sleep treatment methods and reported relief per each method used. Content is also segmented according to consumer attitudes and behaviors toward a range of topics pertinent to sleep treatment and management. The report also analyses the relationship of sleep disturbances and disorders to other variables, such as frequency of sleep disturbance, severity of condition/disorder, hours of sleep per night.

To assess chosen sleep treatment methods and outcomes, the report studies respondents’ preferred approach to managing their sleep problem, as well as the variety of methods adults choose to treat their sleep problem. By segment, these methods include prescription drugs, by type; non-prescription drugs, by type; health professional treatments, by type; vitamins and supplements, by type; and food, vitamin and home treatments, by type; and health professional products and retail products, by type. In each case, method of use and obtainment of relief are analysed.

Content segmented by troubled sleepers’ attitudes and behaviors includes:
  • Quality of life, health and diet and weight management attitudes
  • Approaches to pain and illness
  • Attitudes toward prescription and non-prescription medication
  • Drug marketing and packaging
  • Doctor relationships
  • Health information gathering and assessment
  • Attitudes toward alternative and homeopathic medicine
  • Interest in homeopathic and functional pain medication
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