Market Trends: Food Flavor and Ingredients Outlook 2004

Published: January 6, 2004 - 75 Pages

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Growing, Changing Industry
  • Flavors - Not Just About Taste
  • Seven Key Flavor Trends
  • Flavor Has Become Key Ingredient in Food Industry
  • Spice Usage Skyrocketing
  • Today’s Flavors = Science + Art
  • Umami - “New” Ancient Taste

Chapter 2: Changing Consumer Demographics and Tastes

  • Primary Cultural Issues Affecting Flavor Trends
  • Focus on Simplicity and Convenience
  • Demand for Good Taste
  • Concentration on Health and Wellness Issues
  • Interest in “Adventure” and “Full Flavors”
  • Table 2-1: Types of Food Americans Intend to Eat More Of in 2004
  • Demographic Factors - Melting Pot Becoming “Mixing Bowl”
  • Hispanic Growth to Influence Flavor
  • Asian Impact to Be Felt As Well
  • Ethnic Diners Enjoy international flavors and spicy foods
  • Table 2-2: Propensity for “Adventure” in Eating, Expressed by Ethnic/Racial Group
  • Generational Differences - Tweens Are Into Bold and “X-treme Flavors
  • 25 to 34 Year Olds Most Interested in Foreign and Spicy Foods
  • Baby Boomers Present Opportunities
  • Maturing or “Tweeniors” Offer Challenges
  • Table 2-3: Propensity for “Adventure” in Eating, Expressed by Age Group
  • Table 2-4: Which Ethnic Foods Are You Familiar With?
  • Women and Men Have Different Taste Profiles
  • Table 2-5: Propensity for “Adventure” in Eating, Expressed by Gender

Chapter 3: Distribution Channels

  • Restaurants - The Starting Point for Ingredient and Flavor Trends
  • Chain Menus Inspire Trends
  • Restaurant Trend Curve Suggests Up-and-Coming Concepts and Ingredients
  • Food Manufacturers - Adapting to Fast-Changing Trends
  • Table 3-1: Menu category sales among the “Top 100” chains
  • Product Introductions Still Rising - Ethnic Is “Hottest”
  • Manufacturers Getting Help from Consumers, Research Chefs,
  • Table 3-2: Food Company R&D Development Efforts

Chapter 4: Ethnic Flavors

  • Hispanic Flavors Lead the Way
  • Recreating the Flavors of Favorite Hispanic Dishes
  • Latin American Flavors Heating Up
  • Latin American Trends 2004: Grilled Meats and Sauces, “Fast Food”
  • Grilled Meats/Sauces
  • Small Plates/ “Fast Food”
  • Spanish Flavors Gaining Attention
  • Caribbean Flavors Catching Fire
  • Goya Kicks In
  • “Jerk” Isn’t A Slur Here
  • Asian Cuisine - A Broad Umbrella of Tastes and Flavors
  • Asian Trends 2004: Flavorful, Healthy and “Small Plates”
  • Adding More Flavor
  • Small Plates
  • Healthy
  • Indian - Up and Coming Asian Flavor
  • Chai is Hot
  • African and Moroccan on the Horizon
  • Is Rooibos the Next Chai?
  • Moroccan Makes Its Presence Known
  • Table 4-1: Food Manufacturers Commitment to Ethnic Foodservice Products
  • Table 4-2: Food Manufacturers Plan Increased Ethnic Products
  • Table 4-3: Ethnic Cuisines Highlighted by Consumer Media

Chapter 5: Bolder, More Intense Flavors

  • Chile Peppers - Discovering Specific Flavors
  • Chipotle - Most Familiar Flavorful Pepper
  • Peppers to Watch
  • Hot, Hot
  • Subtle
  • Sweet
  • Wasabi - Versatility Increasing Variety
  • Turmeric - Adding a Warm Flavor Along with Color
  • Mustard - New Uses Jazzing Up Familiar Flavor
  • Spice Mixtures - Such As Berbere and Garam Masala - Add Pungency
  • Table 5-1: New Product Introductions: Bold Spices and Flavors
  • Table 5-2: Food Shows Building Peppers’ Exposure
  • Table 5-3: New Product Introductions: Peppers

Chapter 6: Sweet Heat and Sweet/Savory

  • A Combination Adventure
  • Blending Produces Sweet Results
  • Peppers and Fruit - 2004’s Top Daring Duo
  • Coriander - Versatile, Ethnic Flavor
  • Cinnamon - Trading In Baking for Broiling
  • Cardamom - Not Yet As Well Known
  • Table 6-1: New Product Introductions: Cardamom, Coriander, Cinnamon

Chapter 7: Fruits: Fresh Flavors, Fresh Markets

  • Tropical Fruits Showing Up Everywhere
  • Mango Leads The Way
  • Passion Fruit, Tamarind, and Papaya Coming on Strong
  • Tamarind
  • Passion Fruit
  • Papaya
  • Exotic Fruits Explode in Beverage Market
  • Emerging Asian Flavors - Yuzu
  • Kaffir Lime - A New Twist on An Old favorite
  • Berry Berry Beneficial
  • Guarana
  • Acai
  • Table 7-1: New Product Introductions: Exotic Fruits

Chapter 8: Familiar Flavors

  • Vanilla - No Longer Plain Jane
  • Sea Salt - Adding Cachet to a Familiar Standby
  • Barbecue - A Familiar Flavor That’s Stepping Out
  • Ethnic Versions of Comfort Foods - Variations on the Familiar
  • Table 8-1: New Product Introductions: Vanilla and Sea Salt

Chapter 9: Authentic Flavors

  • Fresh Herb Flavors Gaining Steam
  • The Power of Pure - Organic Will Continue To Grow
  • Authentic Ingredient-Origin Growing in Importance
  • Table 9-1: Organic Shoppers Are Purchasing….

Chapter 10: The Powerful Wellness Trend

  • The Low-Carb Craze - No Signs of Slowing
  • Soy - New Flavors and Directions
  • Edamame Will Be Hot
  • Good-For-You Grains - Buckwheat and Spelt
  • Searching for the Magic Bullet - Yacon?
  • Table 10-1: What Low-Carb Products Are Americans Buying?
  • Table 10-2: What Soy Products Are Americans Eating?
  • Table 10-3: A Sampling of New, Innovative Soyfoods

Chapter 11: Trends and Opportunities

  • Bolder Basics - Jazzing Up Condiments and Sauces
  • Beverages - Quenching The Thirst for New Flavors
  • Desserts - Sweet Opportunities
  • Table 11-1: TrendWatch “Emerging and “Becoming Popular” Ethnic Sweets
  • Say Cheese - A Bright Outlook For An Old Favorite
  • One Foot in the Familiar
  • Small Plates - Big News
  • Convenience Rules - Hand-Held and Ready-to-Eat Heating Up
  • Food Bars - Blurring The Lines
  • Food Preparation Techniques Expand Flavor Options
  • Table 11-2: Predictions From Food Industry Professionals


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