MarketLooks: The U.S. Urban Youth Market - Teens

Published: November 1, 2000 - 13 Pages

Table of Contents

  1. Market Size
  2. Product Definition
  3. Product Trends
  4. Market Share
  5. Market Forecast
  6. Distribution
  7. The Consumer
  8. Industry Trends
  9. Company Profiles


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Compiled From: "The U.S. Urban Youth Market: Targeting the Trendsetters"
Abstract from full report:

This new Packaged Facts report presents an in-depth analysis of the urban youth market and shows why this rapidly evolving multicultural market is of vital importance to marketers. The urban youth market potentially includes the more than 40 million 12- to 24-year-olds living in metropolitan areas of the United States. This fast-growing market is important in its own right because of the increasing purchasing power of the teens and young adults who are part of the market. Even more important is the fact that the urban youth market is driven by trendsetters who have a major impact on the consumer preferences of teens and young adults in the general market in the United States and worldwide. This Packaged Facts report highlights why and how the influence of the urban youth market now extends across a broad range of industries, including apparel, automotive, footwear, beverages, consumer electronics, and all facets of the entertainment industry. Find out why companies entering the urban youth market today will be better prepared to compete in the mainstream market of tomorrow. Learn how urban marketers use non-traditional advertising media and "street marketing teams" to get consumer inputs and launch new products. Explore ways to leverage peer influence to elevate brands.

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