Pet Supplies and Pet Care Products: Global Market Overview 2010

Published: February 1, 2010 - 48 Pages

Table of Contents

  • Pet Supplies and Pet Care Products: Global Market Overview 2010
    • Introduction
      • Scope of Report
      • Report Methodology
    • Global Market Overview
      • Value of Global Pet Care Product Sales
      • U.S. Retail Sales Slow in 2009
      • Market Share by Global Region and Channel
      • Retail Expansion Key to Growth in Developing Markets
      • Global Sales by Distribution Chanel
      • Pet Product Marketer Ranking
      • Spectrum Brands an International Pet Supply Powerhouse
      • Sumitomo Expanding Hartz Brand in Asia-Pacific
      • Rolf C. Hagen a Privately Owned Global Player
      • Mars Consolidates Global Brand Focus
      • Rates of Global Product Launches
        • Table Number of Global Pet Supplies Product Launches: Reports and SKUs, 2005-2009
      • North America Out Front
        • Table Share of Global Pet Supplies Product Launches by Region: 2005, 2007 and 2009 (percent)
      • Top Global Marketers by Level of New Product Activity
        • Table Top 10 Companies by Number of Global Pet Supplies New Product Launches: 2005-2009
      • Key Marketing Claims Involve Premium Appeals
        • Table Top 20 Package Tags/Marketing Claims: By Number of Global Pet Supplies New Product Launches, 2007 vs. 2009
      • Drs. Foster & Smith Ranks High in Catalogs/Online
      • Global Market Trends
      • Humanization at Core of Value Growth
      • Health Trends Increasingly Relating to Pet Age, Obesity
      • Convenience Appeals Vary by Level of Market Development
      • Impact of Aging Human Population
      • The Urban Effect
      • Tapping High-Income Demographics
      • Trickle-Down Premiumization
      • Strong Global and U.S. Sales of Pet Medications Bode Well for Pet Supplies of All Kinds
      • North American Pet Insurance Going Strong
      • Focus on Indoor and Smaller Pets
      • Food/Non-Food Brand Cross-Over
      • Walmart and Other Big Boxes Eying India and Russia
      • The Internet Effect
        • Table Global Internet Penetration Rates and Share of World Users, 2009 (percent)
      • BRIC Country Pet Market Snapshots
      • Russia
      • India
      • China


Pet market themes including humanization, health and convenience are driving the world market for pet supplies, while taking on different meanings according to level of market development. These trends—coupled with the ongoing expansion of major multinational pet product marketers, pharmaceutical outfits, and big-box retailers—global sales of pet care products continue to rise despite the economic times. This report from Packaged Facts, charts global sales of non-food pet products for the 2005-2009 and 2009-2014 periods, comparing sales of non-food supplies with sales of pet food and pet products overall, and providing additional 2009 breakouts by world region, marketer and distribution channel. New product trends are quantified in terms of number of product launches (reports and SKUs), which are further broken out by world region, marketer, and package tag/marketing claim. Trends in the all-important BRIC nations of Brazil, Russia, India and China are charted separately, as is the market involvement of Spectrum Brands (United Pet Group and Tetra), Canada’s Rolf C. Hagen, Hartz Mountain (owned by Japan’s Sumitomo) and leading pet market catalog/online seller Drs. Foster & Smith.

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