Six Mega Trends Impacting Global Food and Beverage Brands, 2009

Published: January 1, 2009 - 23 Pages

Table of Contents

Definition of Mega Trends
Report Methodology
Trend 1: Consumer empowerment
Products that meet an ‘eclectic’ set of needs
Higher expectations
A louder ‘collaborative’ voice
Harder to reach and engage
Trend 2: Health and nutrition
Child obesity
Taking action
Trend 3: Supply side issues
Looking at prices in context
Trend 4: Global shifts in consumer expenditure - rise of the BRIC economies
Difficult times in mature markets
Trend 5: Sustainability and the ‘green’ movement
Corporate impact
Consumer propensity for green and sustainable products is growing
Sustainable approaches
Trend 6: Convenience
Broader societal changes


This report is an excerpt from Packaged Facts’ comprehensive Top Global Food and Beverage Companies: Strategies for Success report, which studies eight leading global food and beverage companies, exploring the strategies that have made their brands international and the pressures they confront today and in the future to retain their leadership status. The companies were chosen as leading manufacturers and marketers of food and beverage brands, with a strong heritage in the industry. All have international operations and a broad set of customers spanning three or more geographic regions.

The companies that were placed under the microscope are: Nestlé, Kellogg, Anheuser-Busch, Wrigley, Kraft, Heinz, Danone and Coca-Cola.

The mega trends specifically studied in Six Mega Trends Impacting Global Food and Beverage Brands, 2009 are:

  • Consumer empowerment
  • Health and nutrition
  • Supply side issues
  • Global shifts in consumer expenditure
  • Sustainability and the 'green' movement
  • Convenience

Read an excerpt from this report below.

Report Methodology

The information in Top Global Food and Beverage Companies: Strategies for Success is based on primary and secondary research. Secondary research entailed data gathering from relevant sources, including industry and association publications, trade press, company literature and corporate annual reports. Primary research consists of a series of in-depth interviews with brand experts, associations and consultants to the CPG industry, in order to more closely understand the challenges brands face.

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