MarketLooks: The U.S. Market for Ice Cream and Related Frozen Desserts

Published: December 1, 2007 - 17 Pages

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Title: The U.S. Market for Ice Cream and Related Frozen Desserts
Published: December 2007

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The following is the abstract from the full report:
The U.S. market for ice cream and related frozen desserts includes ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet, sorbet and water ice, as well as frozen novelties, which encompasses ice cream cakes, pies and rolls. This report focuses on the complete market—retail and foodservice. Intensely tracked for the past decade, Packaged Facts’ analyst estimates that the U.S. market for ice cream and related frozen desserts reached $23.3 billion in 2007, up 4.0% from $22.4 billion in 2006, and up 12.8% from almost $20.7 billion in 2003. Again, this includes both retail and foodservice, which is a place no other market research firm has ever gone. With foodservice venues carrying more than half of U.S. sales, this is a business segment that must be factored into the business plan of every company involved in the U.S. ice cream and related frozen dessert market. The numbers speak for themselves. The foodservice business reached $13.6 billion in 2007, with foodservice sales increasing, on average, 4.1% annually for the five-year period from 2003 to 2007. On the other hand, the retail business reached $9.7 billion in 2007, which is up 1.3% from 2006, according to Packaged Facts’ estimates. Retail growth is primarily attributed to frozen novelty sales. Where are these two markets going? Which products are driving growth? Who are the movers and shakers . . . and who and what products are down and out? Finally, have you heard that frozen yogurt is the latest trend? Packaged Facts predicted this back in 2003 . . . and that it would be 2007 that frozen yogurt’s reemergence would come. This report tells you so much . . .and so much more.

Report Methodology
The information in U.S. Market for Ice Cream and Related Frozen Desserts is based on primary and secondary research. Primary research entailed in-depth, on-site examinations of many retail and foodservice venues. Company, distributor and retailer interviews were conducted to obtain information on new product and packaging trends, marketing programs, distribution methods and technological breakthroughs as related to the “ice cream” market. Secondary research entailed data gathering from relevant sources. Included were consumer and industry publications, newspapers, government reports, financial reports, company literature and corporate annual reports. The analysis of consumer demographics was derived from spring 2007 Simmons Market Research Bureau data.

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