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The ranks of retailers focusing on foods and beverages are growing, and for most Americans, value retailers are where it's at when it comes to obtaining high quality products.  More than a dozen types of retailers are now fighting for share of the food and beverage market. Supercenters lead the market channel by level of shopper penetration, neck-and-neck with mainstream supermarket that compete for monthly U.S. adult shoppers. Food retailing is also inundated by growing numbers of wholesale clubs, dollar stores, and discount/limited-assortment grocery chains. Across all retail formats, a convenient shopping experience continues to remain important to U.S. adult shoppers, and retailers are evolving their tactics to ensure continued customer satisfaction. The grocery market is rocketing through 2017 as competition heats up and demographics like the millennial population and Hispanic population continue to influence retailers' marketing strategies in and outside the grocery store. The reports in this collection focus on essential trends impacting U.S. grocers, including online food shopping, nutritional labeling and clean labels, food flavors and ingredients, the future of food retailing, and much more. 

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