Dairy & Dairy Free Market Reports

Health and nutrition are key trends driving the U.S. dairy products market. While there are products like yogurt frozen desserts using alternatives to milk, those dairy products most consumed are still the ones that simply taste good. Cheese in particular is a favorite indulgence, with 96% of American adults saying they eat it. But among the most quickly growing segments in the dairy products market is ice cream. Occupying over 85% of American freezers, packaged ice cream continues to gain ground in the U.S. dairy market, especially as more variations on the treat's popular flavors only continue to increase. With its place firmly in supermarkets' top 10 food categories, Ice Cream's future in the dairy market is one to keep an eye on. Packaged Facts's collection of dairy products market research reports offers the latest on organics flavored dairy, ice cream, no- and low-lactose foods, dairy alternatives, cheese, and other dairy products. 

Published: Jan 25, 2018

Published: Nov 1, 2010