Ingredients & Allergens Market Reports

Discussing food and what's inside might seem simple, but with new and innovate ingredients always popping up, the ingredient marketplace's consumer landscape becomes more difficult for marketers to navigate. Recent trends driving the ingredients industry place a rising emphasis on food ingredients that are absent or avoided in foods just as much as on those that are present. More educated consumers means more scrutiny on what's used and what's not in snack products. Coupled with a growing consumer demand for authentic culinary influence and its accompanying market for exotic, robust, and foreign flavors, marketers in the ingredients industry must find new ways to make their products stand out. The market for alternative-ingredient snacks in particular is one to keep an eye on, as its compound annual growth rate (CAGR) makes it one of the fast-growing segments in the snack food market. Packaged Facts reports provide insight into why the market for alternative-ingredient foods continues to gain steam, and what it means for more "traditional" snacks in the coming years. This collection of reports offers industry insider views on what's hot and what's not when it comes to flavor profiles, changing consumer tastes, and the role an increasingly health-conscious U.S. snacking society has on the ingredients marketplace. 

Published: Oct 21, 2013