Credit Cards Market Reports

With consumers’ options for payments and banking expanding, it’s important to stay ahead of the competitive curve in the credit card market. Beyond using debit or credit cards, the rise of gift cards and prepaid cards in particular is providing consumers with substitutes for more traditional payment options. According to Simmons Market Research data, 76% of U.S. adults use debit cards, 66% use credit cards, and 13% use prepaid cards. Packaged Facts found that U.S. adults spent $46 billion on gift cards. Of this amount, consumers spent $28 billion on gift cards given to others, and they spent $11 billion on gift cards they gave to themselves. Consumers also received $7 billion worth of gift cards from their employers. The reports in this collection offer the latest information on the U.S. credit card market size through coverage of rewards cards, co-branded, affinity and private label credit cards, corporate cards, third-party processing, and more.

Published: Jan 31, 2023

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