Pet Food Market Reports

With over 50% of American households keeping pets, Packaged Facts sizes the U.S. market for the pet food industry at $30 billion in 2015. Our market research reports in this collection help pet food industry players understand the trends contributing to growth in the pet food market as well as non-food markets in light of the sheer number of American pet owners. The rise of higher-priced, "natural" products such as grain-free foods and super premium foods is just a part of a quickly modernizing pet food industry. Pet owners consuming naturally-made odor and litter clean-up supplies spearhead pet food as the fastest-growing segment of the non-food pet product market. From natural & organic pet food options catering to both younger and older pet-owners, to condition-specific product customization, to the changing consumer perception of the safety of domestically versus internationally-manufactured pet foods, Packaged Facts' market research reports have the pet food industry covered. 

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