As a generational cohort numbering 75 million in the U.S., Millennials equal the Baby Boomer generation in population size.  From a marketing perspective, Millennials (also termed Gen Y) are typically characterized or stereotyped as being tech-savvy and social media-immersed multitaskers. But beyond being merely stereotypes, Millennials are complex and will lead the retail revolution. There is no doubt that Millennials will be at the core of the next generation of technology-enabled shoppers, yet are already gaining prominence as parents influencing the market for kids products, are at the center of the foodie and other important culinary trends, and have staked a claim as arguably the most influential demographic in the U.S. pet market. Discover the essentials on Millennials—including market share, segmentation, size, and growth—in this collection of research reports.

Published: Aug 22, 2018

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