Pet Care and Supplies Market Reports

Packaged Facts estimates that the U.S. retail market for non-food pet supplies reached $15 billion in 2015, or half the size of the market for pet food products. Like the market for pet food supplies, the pet care and supplies market has seen an influx of premium and human-grade products reflecting the “pets as family” mentality. Packaged Facts reports that 64% of dog-owners agree that their pets are a part of the family, with an aging U.S. population owing greatly to this family-minded bond. As technology permeates the pet care and supplies market, pet-owners are increasingly willing and able to consume those non-food products geared toward their animals' well-being and longevity, spurring the trend of naturally and sustainably-made pet care supplies. The reports in this collection analyze this and other trends influencing the segmentation, size, opportunities, growth, and sales in this pet market segment.

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