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Packaged Facts is your trusted source for pet products and services market research. More U.S. pet-owning households are contributing to the demand for more efficient products catering to a wide array of pets. Pet markets must cater to more millennial pet owners that see pets as family. Pet longevity and well-being are significantly affecting pet owner consumer behavior. More consumers means a diversifying pet-owner consumer landscape, particularly Hispanic and Millennial pet product consumers. The U.S. pet industry must produce products that promote pet wellness and easy-to-use services that address consumer demand for convenience, especially as pet owners become more informed about the pet industry's products and services. One highlight to watch in the pet products and services market are declining U.S. equine industry sales. Despite renewed interest in horses spurred on by historic horse racing in the last few years, horse ownership numbers continue to drop. The equine industry looks to employ a forward-looking focus on high-growth product segments to give the market an optimistic future. Our pet market research reports examine key trends, providing market projections and in-depth analysis. Our analysts work closely with pet industry experts, associations, and publications, providing accurate and up-to-date market assessments while personally examining retail and service provider venues to offer keen insights into pet industry retail and consumer trends.

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