Singles in the U.S.: The New Nuclear Family

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Published May 1, 2007 | 250 Pages | Pub ID: LA1272001

This report examines the attitudes, behaviors, and lifestyles of today’s single consumers, including never-married, divorced, widowed, and separated adults. Data released in late 2006 from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey shows that the majority (50.3%) of U.S. households are headed by unmarried adults. Several trends come into play to account for this, including an increasing tendency to delay marriage, growing numbers of adults who never marry, persistently high divorce rates, and growing numbers of adults who choose to cohabit but not to marry.

Report Methodology
The information in this report is based on primary research, including interviews with industry participants, and secondary research, including articles appearing in general, marketing, and trade publications, government agencies data, and product advertising. The report also draws on a study of how singles are portrayed in advertising conducted by Packaged Facts exclusively for this report.

The analysis of consumer demographics derives from Simmons Market Research Bureau survey data for fall 2006. The data have been derived from the NCS (National Consumer Survey) Fall 2006 survey based on a sample of 24,686 U.S. adults, who represent a statistically accurate cross-section of the U.S. adult population. The SMRB consumer survey includes demography on consumer attitudes towards different categories, brand preference, and the frequency of purchase.

About the Author
Lisa Finn is a recognized expert on marketing to target groups, especially women. During her eight-year tenure as Editor of Marketing to Women newsletter (published by EPM Communications), she developed groundbreaking studies on the portrayal of women in print and television advertising.

In addition to this report on single adults, she authored “The New American Homemaker: A Look at Today’s Stay-at-Home Mom,” published by Packaged Facts in September 2006.

What You'll Get in this Report
This report examines single adults from a demographic point of view—looking at how many singles are in each generation; segmenting them by gender, race, and sexual orientation; comparing single parents with those who’ve never had children; and how they’re distributed geographically. It also delves into singles’ lives and lifestyles, including their home-buying behavior and interest in home improvement and décor; their financial needs and attitudes; their work lives and income levels; their health habits and attitudes; how they consume media and how they feel about advertising; how they behave online; how and where they shop; how they relax; how they use and feel about technology; and the roles that spirituality and religion play in their lives.

How You Will Benefit from this Report
If your company is interested in effectively reaching the single consumer, you will find this report invaluable, as it provides a comprehensive package of information and insight about singles not offered in any other single source. You will gain a thorough understanding of the current demographic profile of the U.S. single adult population. Contributing to that understanding will be a complete analysis of data from published and trade sources, and in-depth examinations of the economic and societal trends that influence the consumer behaviors of this large and influential segment of the population.

This report will help:

  • Marketing Managers identify market opportunities and develop targeted promotion plans for single consumers.
  • Research and development professionals stay on top of competitor initiatives and explore demand for products targeting singles.
  • Advertising agencies to develop targeted messages and images to singles.
  • Business development executives understand the dynamics of the market and identify possible partnerships.
  • Information and research center librarians provide market researchers, brand and product managers and other colleagues with the vital information they need to do their jobs more effectively.

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