Single-Cup Brew Beverage Products in the U.S.: Coffee Pods and Beyond

Jul 3, 2013
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The Keurig K-Cup brewer from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) revolutionized the single-serve coffee market, which posted a compound annual growth rate of over 75% between 2007 and 2012 in tracked mass-market channels.  Total U.S. retail coffee market dollar sales grew 10% in 2012 thanks to a dramatic 82%  jump in the single-cup brew segment, which reached $1.8 billion in 2012.

Proven market performance and the expiration of an important K-Cup patent in September 2012 has led to a new round of marketplace competition and opportunity, motivating long-standing category participants to step up their competitive strategies.  An important feature of this competition has been an influx of private label and unlicensed beverage pods that work in Keurig K-Cup brewers.

New, more sophisticated and specialized machine technology for single-cup brewers keeps elevating the quality of coffee made at home, while single-serve beverage manufacturers and marketers continue to broaden the array of beverages specifically designed for these machines, increasing the range of successful products, brand entrants, and satisfied consumers. Although coffee beverages still predominate for single-serve brewers, other beverages including tea, cocoa and chocolate, hot and cold fruit drinks, and specialty wellness beverages are increasingly available.

Overall, several factors will continue to  spur the growth of the single-cup brew beverage market, including a nation of dedicated and increasingly discerning coffee drinkers; consumer desire to recreate coffee shop quality at home;    continued adoption of single-serve brewers in offices and hotels; innovations in brewer technology supporting enhanced beverage quality; a large selection of brewers, many of which are aggressively marketed and attractively priced; the popularity of single-serve brewers as a hot kitchen gadget, well suited for holiday gift giving; a wide selection of single-serve beverage options that continues to expand; and the recent increase in published reports of the health benefits associated with coffee consumption.

Single-Cup Brew Beverage Products in the U.S. spotlights the dynamic single-serve retail beverage market, featuring proprietary Packaged Facts consumer survey data to identify the types of single-cup brew beverages used, when and where they are consumed, and where they were purchased. Report coverage includes a discussion of the drivers fueling growth in the single-cup brew beverage market; single-cup brew coffee market size for 2013 through 2016 for the total and private label market;  single-cup brew coffee market shares by manufacturer, brand and retail channels; review and discussion of single-cup brew product availability across channels and markets, detailing product assortment and pricing at 10 national retailer outlets across the United States; review of single-cup brewer model introductions and associated functionality and consumer benefits; review of new beverage introductions and partnerships with single-cup brewer manufacturers; insight into future single-cup brw product development focus; and a critical look at the environmental impact of single-serve beverages and initiatives to enhance sustainability.

Brewers and beverages manufactured by or for Keurig, Starbucks, J.M. Smucker, Kraft, and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) are among the equipment and products analyzed in this report.

Chapter 1: Executive Summary
Market Drivers
A Nation of Dedicated Coffee Drinkers
Bringing the Coffee Shop Home
Single-Serve Brewers as Trendy Kitchen Gadget
Brewers, Brewers Everywhere!
Innovations in Brewer Technology
More Single-Cup Brew Choices
Drink to Your Health!
Changing Dynamics of Single Serve
Single-Cup Brew Coffee Market Size
Coffee Market Share for Single-Cup Brew
Alternate Channels
Single-Serve Brewers
Coffee Share of Single-Cup Brew Beverage Market
Navigating the Flood of Unlicensed Brands & Private
Single Serve
Making Single-Serve Beverages More Ecofriendly
Chapter 2: Changing Dynamics of Single Serve
Single-Cup Brew Market Overview
Single-Cup Systems Successful Business Model
Flexibility – Key to Future Success?
Consumers and Single Serve
Overall Coffee Consumption
Gourmet Coffee Consumption
Espresso Consumption
What’s Brewing? Single-Serve Beverage Use
Figure 2-1: Single-Serve Pod Use by Beverage Type, 2013
Figure 2-2: Use of Select Single-Cup Brew Brands (in last 30 days) vs. IRI FDMx Sales, 2012-2013
Figure 2-3: Single-Cup Brew Beverage Use by Location and Daypart, 2013
Figure 2-4: Purchasing Rates for Single-Cup Brew Packs by
Retail Channel, 2013 (U.S. adults)
Single-Cup Brew Coffee Retail Market Size & Growth
Table 2-1: IRI FDMx-Tracked U.S. Coffee Sales by Type, 2007-2012 (in $ millions)
Figure 2-5: IRI FDMx-Tracked U.S. Dollar Sales of Single-Cup Brew
Coffee vs. Ground, Instant, and Whole Bean Coffee, 2007-2012 (in $ millions)
Figure 2-6: IRI FDMx-Tracked U.S. Volume Sales of Single-Cup Brew vs. Ground Coffee and Total Coffee, 2007-2012 (volume in pounds)
Table 2-2: IRI FDMx-Tracked U.S. Unit and Volume Sales of
Single-Cup Brew Coffee vs. Ground Coffee and Total Coffee, 2007-2012 (volume in pounds)
Single-Cup Brew Price per Pound Nearly 5X Ground
Figure 2-7: IRI FDMx-Tracked U.S. Price per Pound for Single-Cup
Brew Coffee vs. Ground Coffee and Total Coffee, 2007 - 52 Weeks Ending Apr. 21, 2013
Table 2-3: IRI FDMx-Tracked U.S. Price Per Pound for Single-Cup Brew Coffee vs. Ground Coffee and Total Coffee, 2007 - 52 wks end April 21, 2013 (price points)
Impact of Green Coffee Prices on Single-Cup Brew
Green Coffee Prices Still Falling
Single-Cup Brew Coffee Market to Top $5 billion
Table 2-4: U.S. Sales of Single-Cup Brew Coffee at Retail, 2007-2016 ($ millions)
Single-Cup Brew Market Share & Composition
Single-Cup Brew Coffee Market Share by Company
Figure 2-8: IRI FDMx-Tracked Single-Cup Brew Coffee Market Share by Company, 52 weeks ended April 21, 2013
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. (GMCR)
J.M. Smucker
Table 2-5: IRI FDMx-Tracked Single-Cup Brew Coffee Sales by Company, 52 weeks ended April 21, 2013 ($ and %)
Market Share by Brand
Figure 2-9: IRI FDMx-Tracked Share of Sales of Single-Cup Brew Coffee by Brand, 52 weeks ended April 21, 2013
Table 2-6: IRI FDMx-Tracked Sales and Share of Single-Cup Brew Coffee by Brand, 52 weeks ended April 21, 2013
Tassimo’s Bad Luck Streak
Alternate Channels Important to Single-Serve Sales
Table 2-7: Share of Single-Cup Brew Coffee Dollar Sales by Channel,\ 2013 (percent)
Single-Cup Brew Beverage Products Table of Contents
July 2013 © Packaged Facts iii
Advantages of the Internet for Single-Serve Beverages
Internet Loyalty Programs, Rewards and Benefits
Club Keurig Rewards
Nespresso – The Club
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Other Online Coffee Retailers
Single-Cup Brew Product Assortment & Pricing by Channel
Table 2-8: Number of Single-Cup Brew SKUs by Retailer
Beverage Type
Single-Cup Brew Coffee at the Office
Office Coffee Service (OCS) Rebounds
Table 2-9: Office Coffee Service Single Cup Brewer Placements:
Marketer Share, 2007-2012 (percent)
Chapter 3: Single-Serve Brewers
A Plethora of Brewers to Choose From
Dedicated Pod Design or Open Source?
Keurig Single-Cup System the Clear Standard
Good Housekeeping Rates Single-Serve Coffeemakers
Innovation in Single-Cup Brewing Evident in Edison Awards
Consumer Picks for Top Coffee Maker Brands
Keurig Vue
Maize of Models
Table 3-1: Features of Various Keurig Vue Coffee Maker Models
Pricing: Strategic or Reacting to Competitive Pressure?
Keurig Rivo
GMCR Receives NSF Certification for Foodservice Use
Starbucks Verismo
Table 3-2:Starbucks Verismo Model Availability and Price by Online Retailer
580 Base Model
Use and Operation
V-585 Model
Use and Operation
Bosch Tassimo T55 and Other Models
Barcode Technology – Tassimo’s Point of Difference
Table 3-3: Feature Comparison of Bosch Tassimo Single-Serve Brewer Models
Nestlé Nespresso
Table 3-4: Features of Various Nespresso Brewer Models
Bunn My Cafe MCU
Table 3-5: Bunn My Café MCU Price at Various Online and Bricks and Mortar Retailers
Use and Operation
Esio Bankruptcy Hinders Potential Competition
CBTL Brewers
Table 3-6: Features of Various CBTL Brewers
Hamilton Beach – The Scoop
Chapter 4: Single-Cup Brew Brands
Consumer Picks for Top Coffee
Products Carrying the Keurig Brewed Seal
Table 4-1: Beverage Types Available for Keurig K-Cups, Vue & Rivo Brewing Systems Keurig-Licensed K-Cups®
Table 4-2: K-Cup Beverage Brands Carrying "Keurig Brewed" Emblem and Deduced Relationship Status with GMCR
K-Cup Offerings by Beverage Type
Table 4-3: Keurig K-Cup Offerings by Beverage Type (percent)
Tea & Decaf - The Long Tail of Single Serve?
Brew Over Ice Iced Tea K-Cup Offerings
Functional & Nutritional K-Cup Beverages
Expanded Starbucks Partnership
Dunkin’ Donuts
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Table 4-4: CBTL Beverage Capsule Offerings: Espresso, Coffee, Flavored Coffee and Tea
Lipton Tea Launch Brewing
Keurig Patent Status
Keurig Vue Packs
Table 4-5: Keurig Vue Packs by Beverage Type (percent)
Attention-Getting Awards
A Nod to Sustainability
Keurig Rivo Packs
Starbucks Verismo Pods
Table 4-6: Starbucks Verismo Coffee Pods Sold Online (in dollars)
Milk Pods
Beverage Kits
Tassimo T-Discs
Table 4-7: Tassimo T-Discs by Beverage Type (percent)
Esio E-Paks
Nespresso Capsules
Table 4-8: Nespresso Boutique and Boutique Bar Locations in
United States
Single-Serve Brewed Beverages: Beyond Coffee
Reading the Tea Leaves
Chapter 5: Unlicensed & Private Label Single-Cup Brew ..
Private Label Single-Cup Opportunity
GMCR and Analyst Assessment of Private Label Impact
Nespresso and Private Label
Retailer Branded Pods for K-Cup Brewers
TreeHouse Foods Single-Cup Brew Volume Up
Keurig-Brewed Private Label K-Cup Launch
Table 5-1: Select K-Cup Packs at Costco Online - Count, Price and
Cost per Cup
Retailer Private Label Going Gangbusters
Unlicensed Private Label Single-Cup Launches for Keurig Brewers
Price of Supermarket Private Label Brands vs. Market Leaders
Table 5-2: Price and Selection of Supermarket Private Label Single-Cup Coffee Packs (Compatible with Keurig K-Cup Brewers)
Table 5-3: Regular Price of Leading Coffee Brands at Select Supermarkets
Unlicensed, Branded Single-Cup Players
Kraft’s Free Ride on Keurig’s
Rogers Family Company
Peet’s Single-Serve Launch Is Company’s Biggest Ever
Community Coffee Contemporizes Family Tradition
Don Francisco’s Coffee Adds Single-Cup
New England Coffee
RealCup Single-Serve Cups
Marley Coffee RealCup™
Martinson Coffee RealCup Capsules
Chapter 6: Making Single-Cup Brew More Sustainable
Many Single-Serve Producers Compost and Recycle with TerraCycle
GMCR Pilots Recycling its Own Way
Life Cycle Assessment for K-Cups
Freshpacks Reduce Carbon Footprint 40% for Flavia
More Recycling & Ecofriendly Aluminum Production for Nespresso
The UpShot …
Woodshed Roasting
Mystic Monk Coffee
Red Diamond
Saxbys Coffee
Hawaii Roasters
OneCup – Just Over the Border
Reusable K-Cups and Similar Products
My K-Cup Alternatives
Appendix I: Retailers of Keurig Brewers and Pods
Keurig Brand Brewing Systems K-Cup, Vue and Rivo – not all systems at all retailers
Appendix II: Keurig K-Cup System Beverage Packs
Appendix III: Keurig Vue System Beverage Packs
Appendix IV: Retailer Single-Serve Offering & Pricing (Giant)
Appendix V: Retailer Single-Serve Offering & Pricing (Harris Teeter)
Appendix VI: Retailer Single-Serve Offering & Pricing(Hy-Vee)
Appendix VII: Retailer Single-Serve Offering & Pricing(Safeway)
Appendix VIII: Retailer Single-Serve Offering & Pricing(Wegmans)
Appendix IX: Retailer Single-Serve Offering & Pricing(Wal-Mart)
Appendix X: Retailer Single-Serve Offering & Pricing(SuperTarget)
Appendix XI: Retailer Single-Serve Offering & Pricing(Office Depot)
Appendix XII: Retailer Single-Serve Offering & Pricing(Bed Bath & Beyond)
Appendix XIII: Retailer Single-Serve Offering & Pricing(Kohl’s)

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