Sandwiches: Market Trends and Opportunities

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Published Jun 17, 2015 | 106 Pages | Pub ID: LA5586741

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Sandwiches: Market Trends and Opportunities

Sandwiches are at once a staple food and a growth and innovation platform for foodservice and food retail players alike. Traditional and emerging proteins, cheeses, vegetables, sauces and flavors and breads play a role in making the sandwich—and each play a role in the sandwich’s evolving health, culinary innovation and customization and choice macro trends.

Three Themes Dominate the Sandwich Industry

Sandwiches: Market Trends and Opportunities assesses how food and foodservice industry participants are adding—and can add—value to their sandwich strategies, as they relate to three overriding themes: healthfulness, culinary innovation, and customization and consumer choice. With respect to each of these themes, this report trends related consumer preferences and attitudes over time; ties each theme to pertinent foodservice (limited-service & takeout restaurants and prepared food) menu trends supported by a wealth of examples; assesses related foodservice marketing strategies; and identities implications and applications for the packaged groceries segment of the market.

Report Scope & Methodology

In doing so, the report addresses a wide range of sandwich trends and opportunities, from freshness and inherent health to ingredient combinations and culinary adventure to made-to-order and mobile technology—layering in analysis related to key themes, such as foodservice segment, daypart, children’s at-home sandwich making, and gourmet—providing needed value for foodservice and food retail participants. Primary data sources include metrics from our consumer surveys and from the Datassential MenuTrends database, as well as hundreds of menu item examples and related visual images.

The report begins with overview of foodservice and food retail sandwich usage in the past seven days, including at-home usage, as well as usage via six away-from-home channels. We also analyze usage by demographic of six top sandwich restaurant chains, provide menu item comparisons to other portable options, and shed light on sandwich sales at supermarket delis.
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