Salty Snacks: U.S. Market Trends and Opportunities

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Published Jun 21, 2018 | 59 Pages | Pub ID: LA15715009
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Salty Snacks: U.S. Market Trends and Opportunities

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Salty Snacks: U.S. Market Trends and Opportunities analyzes the market for salty snacks across eight categories:
  • potato chips
  • tortilla/tostada chips
  • other salted snacks (not including nuts)
  • pretzels
  • cheese snacks
  • corn snacks (not including tortilla chips)
  • ready-to-eat (RTE) popcorn/caramel corn
  • pork rinds
The report’s market coverage spans all retail channels of distribution that carry salty snacks such as supermarkets and other food stores, mass merchandisers, convenience stores, warehouse clubs, drug stores, dollar stores, specialty stores, catalogues, Internet retailers, and manufacturers own websites. Market size data are provided at the retail sales level for the 2012-2017 period and projections for 2017-2022 period.

Additionally, Salty Snacks: U.S. Market Trends and Opportunities forecasts to 2022 U.S. salty snack demand and shipments in nominal US dollars at the manufacturer level. Total demand and shipments are segmented by product type:
  • potato chips
  • corn chips
  • other salty snacks such as pretzels, ready-to-eat popcorn, and pork rinds

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