The Professional Salon Services Market in the U.S.: Beauty Salons and Barbershops

   Single User - $3,300
   Corporate License - $6,600

Published Apr 1, 2008 | 165 Pages | Pub ID: LA1709701

The U.S. professional salon services market is a fragmented playing field poised for growth as it enters the second decade of the new millennium. Even during a hairy time when consumers are wary about the economy and spending, a number of factors are driving the salon industry into the future. Innovations in hair care science, the influence of the green movement, increased specialization with niche and regional markets and a holistic approach to beauty are a few of the key elements taking salons to the next level. According to the new Packaged Facts report, The Professional Salon Services Market in the U.S., the salon market is expected to see growth, albeit slow, and reach $35.1 billion by 2012 at a CAGR of two percent.

The Professional Salon Services Market in the U.S. includes industry data on market size, share, segments and strategies; profiles of major players and the competitive landscape; emerging product, service and salon business trends; advertising and promotion; customer demographics; innovations and forecasting.

Report Methodology
The information in The Professional Salon Services Market in the U.S. is based on both primary and secondary sources, including trade associations and publications, business journals, company literature, government sources, investment reports and interviews with industry players. Total market data for this report was derived primarily from U.S. Census Bureau data including Service Annual Survey and the Economic Census Survey. Consumer personal care products and services spending analysis was derived from Consumer Expenditure Survey (CES) data provided by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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