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Breakfast Trends: Culinary Trend Mapping Report

Packaged Facts - Oct, 26, 2010 - LA2517248

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Breakfast is a beloved meal, infused with childhood memories and nostalgia. The secret to expanding on this favored meal is to tap into breakfast’s beloved qualities—the warming comfort, the ease of eating, the familiar flavors—and make them accessible in new ways that appeal to today’s consumers. Better-for-you formulations, portable formats, new flavors and higher-quality ingredients are being used by creative chefs, restaurateurs and home cooks to bring new dynamism to morning foods.

Fact is, breakfast isn’t just hot: it’s cold, eaten in the form of whole grain cereal and customized granola; it’s gourmet, made into elaborate artisan breakfast sandwiches; it’s a beverage, served all day in the guise of salad with poached eggs and bacon or dessert waffles. Breakfast is so much more than it used to be—and it’s more popular than ever in foodservice, despite the economic downturn.

Fierce competition in every sector for the breakfast dollar is pushing innovation in today’s breakfast foods, along with a number of key drivers exemplified in the report’s trend profiles:

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The Culinary Trend Mapping Report is an indispensable tool for those whose job it is to stay abreast of what's hot - and what will be - in the food world.

The reports leverage the Center for Culinary Development’s (CCD) signature Trend Mapping technique, a validated method for identifying which culinary trends are gaining traction and which are simply flashes in the pan.

Each 65+ page journal is packed with trends, data, strategies and insights on the food industry that simply aren't available anywhere else.

Each Issue of the Culinary Trends Mapping Report

Trend Mapping

Trend Mapping is guided by the premise that major food trends pass through five distinct stages on their way to the mainstream:


Published bimonthly, the Culinary Trend Mapping Report is available for purchase as a single issue or a six-issue subscription.

Table of Contents

Executive Overview
Why Breakfast? — Kimberly Egan
Executive Summary

Trend Summary
Stage 1 - Artisan Breakfast
Stage 2 - Third Wave Coffee
- New Whole Grains
Stage 3 - Breakfast Pizza
- Waffles Gone Wild
Stage 4 - Eggs All Day
Stage 5 - Breakfast in a Bowl

Chef Speak: CCD Chefs’ Council® Voices
Tanya Holland: Breakfast, The Great Meal Equalizer

Strategic Implications
Strategic Opportunities for Breakfast

Source List