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Gourmet Chocolate in the U.S.

Packaged Facts - May, 01, 2006 - LA1209571

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The gourmet chocolate market is an upscale market, but should no longer be considered exclusive. Consumers have better-educated taste buds and an increasing appetite for gourmet and premium chocolate product. This appetite is being fed through myriad retail outlets beyond the boutique, from mass, such as drugstore and supermarkets, to independent chocolate cafes à la the likes of ubiquitous Starbucks coffee houses. And, in a sure sign of maturity, the market is now characterized by the acquisition of small marketers by the big boys, such as Hershey's 2005 purchase of boutique chocolatier Scharffen Berger.

As a result of the variety of retail outlets and consumer interest, recently boosted with the wave of positive press regarding the health benefits of cacao, gourmet chocolates are among the fastest growing segments of their respective markets. This new Market Trends report, U.S. Gourmet Chocolate Market , examines the growing $1.3 billion market for the personal indulgence that is gourmet/premium chocolate. The report concentrates on the premium market (including See’s, Godiva, Lindt/Ghiradelli, Perugina), but also addresses boutique marketers (such as Lake Champlain) and mass-market manufacturers that offer upscale products (such as Dove). The report also examines factors to market growth such as the touted health benefits of dark chocolate, the growing popularity of organic chocolate and the role of select demographic groups (such as aging boomers and Asian Americans).

Report Methodology
The information in Gourmet Chocolate in the U.S. is based on both primary and secondary research. Primary research involved interviews with marketing, public relations and industry analysts within the food and ingredient markets and consultants to the industry. Secondary research entailed data-gathering from relevant trade, business, and government sources, including company literature. The analysis of consumer demographics derives from Simmons Market Research Bureau survey data for fall 2005.

What You’ll Get in this Report
Gourmet Chocolate in the U.S. offers unique perspective on the upscale chocolate market. No other market research report provides the analysis and trends coverage that Gourmet Chocolate offers. Plus, you’ll benefit from extensive data, presented in easy-to-read and practical charts, tables and graphs.

How You Will Benefit from this Report
If your company wants to get a head’s up on the trends that will be driving the premium chocolate market, you will find this report invaluable, as it provides a comprehensive package of information and insight not offered in any other single source. You will gain a thorough understanding of the factors that influence the development of this market.

This report will help:

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Executive Summary

  • Chapter 2 The Competitive Situation
    • The Market
    • Market Size and Growth
    • Gourmet Chocolate Market Estimated at $1.3 Billion
    • IRI-Tracked Sales at $310 Million
    • Table 2-1 IRI-Tracked Sales of Gourmet Chocolate, 2001-2005 (in million $)
    • Market Composition
    • Table 2-2 IRI-Tracked Sales of Gourmet Chocolate, by Category, 2001-2005 (in million $)
    • Non-Seasonal Sales
    • Figure 2-1 IRI-Tracked Non-seasonal Gourmet Chocolate Sales, by Category, 2005 (%)
    • Seasonal Sales
    • Figure 2-2 IRI-Tracked Gourmet Seasonal Chocolate Sales, by Category, 2005 (%)
    • Market Projections
    • Figure 2-3 Projected Retail Sales of Gourmet Chocolate, 2005-2010 (in billion $)
    • Table 2-3 Projected Retail Sales of Gourmet Chocolate, 2005-2010 (in $ billion)
    • Marketers
    • Table 2-4 Selected U.S. Marketers of Gourmet Chocolates
    • Marketer And Brand Shares Through Mass Outlets
    • Methodology
    • Lindt-Sprüngli Grows in Mass-Market Strength
    • Figure 2-4 Marketers’ Share of Gourmet Chocolate Sales in IRI-tracked Channels, 2004 Versus 2005 (%)
    • Table 2-5 Top Marketers of Gourmet Chocolate Candy by IRI-Tracked Sales, 2001-2005 (in $ million)
    • Lindt & Sprungli Leads in Non-Seasonal Segment
    • Table 2-6 Top Marketers of Non-Seasonal Gourmet Chocolate Candy by IRI-Tracked Sales, 2001-2005 (in $ million)
    • MasterFoods Dominates the Seasonal Category
    • Table 2-7 Top Marketers of Seasonal Gourmet Chocolate Candy by IRI-Tracked Sales, 2001-2005 ($ million)
    • Marketing Initiatives
      • Advertising
      • Godiva’s Diva Campaign
      • Lindt’s Indulgence Initiatives
      • Other Major Advertising Initiatives
      • Brand Association
      • Sampling and Tasting Programs
      • Cause Marketing
      • Product Trends
      • Table 2-8 Top Package Tag Claims in Gourmet/Upscale Chocolates, 2001-2005
      • Trends in Fillings
      • Table 2-9 Top Flavor/Fragrance in Gourmet/Upscale Chocolates, 2003-2005
      • Products with Hazelnuts
      • Table 2-10 New Gourmet Chocolate Introductions with Hazelnuts, 2005
      • Products with Macadamia
      • Other Product Ingredients and Flavors
      • Cocoa Content Gains Importance
      • Table 2-11 Select New Gourmet Dark Chocolate Introductions Highlighting Cocoa Content, 2005
      • Table 2-12 Select New Gourmet Milk Chocolate Introductions Highlighting Cocoa Content, 2005
      • Healthier Products
      • Positioning Gourmet Chocolate on Origin, Production
      • Table 2-13 Selected Gourmet Chocolate Introductions Highlighting Country of Origin, 2005
      • Artisan Chocolates
      • Packaging
      • The Mass-Market Retail Landscape
        • Gourmet/Specialty Stores Lead Retail Market with Nearly
        • Half of Sales
        • Figure 2-5 Share of Gourmet/Premium Chocolate Sales by Retail Channel, 2005 (percent)
        • Luxury for the Masses
        • Beyond the Caste System
        • Expanded Distribution Channels
        • Drugstores
        • Club Stores
        • In-Store Display
        • Product Placement
        • Seasonal Initiatives

    Chapter 3 Company Profiles

    • Godiva Chocolatier (Campbell Soup Co.)
      • Company Overview
      • Product Line
      • Godiva Boutiques
      • Promotions and Product Introductions
      • Direct Marketing

    • Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli A.G
      • Company Overview
      • Lindt & Sprüngli USA
      • Lindt at Retail
      • Lindt Product Line
      • Lindt Marketing Strategies
      • Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
      • Ghirardelli’s Product Line
      • Ghirardelli Marketing Tactics
      • Internet Operations

    • See’s Candies Inc. (Berkshire Hathaway)
      • Company Overview
      • Product Line
      • See’s Gourmet Chocolates for Mass
      • Seasonal Sales Surge
      • Internet Operations

    • Ferrero USA Inc. (Ferrero S.p.A.)
      • Company Overview
      • Ferrero USA Inc.
      • Product Line
      • Distribution
      • Packaging

    • Perugina (Nestlé S.A)
      • Company Overview
      • Product Line
      • Encouraging Self Consumption
      • Perugina New Products
      • Internet Operations

    • Joseph Schmidt Confections (The Hershey Company)
      • Company Overview
      • Product Line

    • Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker (The Hershey Company)
      • Company Overview
      • Product Line

    • Lake Champlain Chocolates
      • Company Overview
      • Retail Outlets
      • Product Line

    • Endangered Species Chocolate Company
      • Company Overview
      • Social Cause Marketing
      • Product Line
      • Law Suit Against Raintree Group

    • Fran’s Chocolates
      • Company Overview
      • Product Line
      • Innovations in Packaging and Ingredients
      • New Products

    • Ethel M. Chocolates (Mars Inc.)
      • Company Overview
      • Product Line

    • La Maison du Chocolat
      • Company Overview
      • Product Line
      • Education

    • Neuhaus
      • Company Overview
      • Product Line

    • Leonidas
      • Company Overview
      • Product Line

    • Teuscher
      • Company Overview
      • Product Line

    • Guylian
      • Company Overview
      • Product Line

    • Chuao Chocolatier
      • Company Overview
      • Innovations

    Chapter 4 The Consumer

    • Note on Simmons Survey Data and Figures
    • Overall Usage of Chocolates and Hard Roll Candy
    • Figure 4-1 Percentage of U.S. Adults Eating Chocolate & Hard Roll Candy, 2003, 2004, 2005 (%)
    • Gourmet and Premium Chocolate Demographics
    • Table 4-1 Demographic Characteristics Favoring Consumption of Gourmet/Premium Chocolate Candy
    • Patterns by Brand
    • Figure 4-2 Percentage of U.S. Adults Eating Gourmet Chocolate by Brand, 2003 versus 2005 (%)
    • Table 4-2 Demographic Characteristics Favoring Consumption of Godiva Candy
    • Table 4-3 Demographic Characteristics Favoring Consumption of Ferrero Rocher Candy
    • Table 4-4 Demographic Characteristics Favoring Consumption of Dove Promises Candy
    • Gourmet Chocolate Within the Gourmet Food Market
    • Table 4-5 Demographic Characteristics of Gourmet Food Consumers
    • The International Connection
    • Class Within Mass
    • Table 4-6 Relative Usage of Chocolate Brands Among Gourmet Food Consumers

    Chapter 5 Market Trends and Opportunities

    • Growth at the Premium End
    • Figure 5-1 IRI-Tracked Sales Growth in Gourmet Chocolate, 1999-2005 (%)
    • Figure 5-2 Number of Upscale/Gourmet Chocolate Introductions, 2001-2005
    • Chocolate Going the Wine Way
    • Chocolate, the New Coffee?
    • Upscaling Hot Chocolate
    • Everyday Indulgence — Not Occasional
    • “Entitlement” and Self-Rewards
    • Single-Serve, Multiple Sales
    • Health Benefit Trends
      • Growing Interest In Dark Chocolate
      • Figure 5-3 Sales Growth, Dark Versus Milk Chocolates, 2000-2005 (%)
      • Gourmet/Premium Dark Chocolate Sales at $513 Million in 2006
      • Table 5-1 Projected Sales of Gourmet/Premium Dark Chocolate Candy, 2005-2010
      • Functional Chocolates for Health and Beauty
      • Health Benefits=Consumer Interest=Sales
      • Figure 5-4 ORAC Content of Dark Chocolate Versus Fruits and Vegetables (%)
      • Reaching the Food-Allergy Consumer
      • Trends in Upscale Chocolate Positioning
        • Single-Origin Chocolate
        • Fair Trade Products
        • Organic, Natural, and Healthier Chocolates
        • Figure 5-5 Number of Organic/Natural Gourmet Chocolate Introductions, 2001-2005
        • Popularity of Chocolate Flavors
        • Figure 5-6 New Product Introductions, Sweet Flavors and Ingredients, 2004, 2005
        • Opportunities
          • Look to Boomers
          • Look Ethnically - Asian Americans
          • Mainstream Marketers to Drive Growth
          • Tis the Season for Organic?
          • Figure 5-7 Sales Growth, Organic vs. Conventional Chocolate, July 2004-July 2005
          • Figure 5-8 New Product Introductions, Organic vs. Conventional Chocolate, August 2005-August 2005


    • Addresses of Selected Marketers