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The U.S. Market For Private-Label Credit Cards

Packaged Facts - Nov, 01, 1998 - LA440

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This Packaged Facts report on the U.S. market for private-label credit cards provides detailed, up-to-date coverage of this continuously evolving market. Coverage includes: descriptions of the two leading categories of private-label cards: retail and oil companies; historical and current-year data on private-label receivables; analysis of trends in interest rates, marketing, and promotions; profiles of leading private-label card issuers; analysis of Simmons data regarding consumer usage; and much more.

Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary

II. The Products

III. The Market
Figure 3-1: Estimated Market for Private-Label Credit Cards, 1994-1998 (dollars)

IV. The Marketers

V. Payment Processing

VI. The Consumer

Appendix I: Examples of Consumer and Trade Advertising and Promotions

Appendix II: Addresses of Selected Companies