MarketLooks: The U.S. "Phood" Market

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Published Feb 1, 2005 | 23 Pages | Pub ID: ML1079307

MarketLooks, from, are concise 15-30 page summaries of popular full-length market research reports published by Packaged Facts. This MarketLooks report has been compiled from the following full-length study:

Title: New U.S. "Phood" Market: Functional, Fortified, and Inherently Healthy Foods and Beverages

Published: January 2004

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The following is the abstract from the full report:

With health and wellness a top criterion driving consumer food choices, this first-edition Packaged Facts report offers a unique perspective on a hot topic, examining pharmaceutical-benefit foods (i.e., “phoods”) and beverages including traditional (e.g., regular oatmeal, whole-grain breads), fortified (e.g., orange juice with calcium), and “designer” (e.g., protein bars, smart spreads) products. The combination of more permissible FDA-approved health claims on food packages, media attention to the link between diet and health, and new product/ingredient/technological development is spurring rapid growth in this market, which encompasses products fortified with glucosamine and/or calcium to promote joint and bone health, those containing omega-3 fatty acids and/or plant sterol/stanol esters for heart health and other benefits, soy protein-enhanced foods, and “vitamin waters” and other functional beverages—among many others. Also covered are products enhanced with cutting-edge ingredients and nutrients, such as lutein for eye health, glucosamine for joint health, or probiotics/prebiotics to strengthen the immune system; as well as certain “inherently healthy” products, such as whole-grain/functional cereals and wellness teas.

The New U.S. "Phood" Market--Functional, Fortified, and Inherently Healthy Foods and Beverages, examines the factors affecting the growth of this market, including consumer trends, ingredient trends, the competitive environment, marketing and advertising trends, new product introductions, and a regulatory environment that is fostering wider use and awareness of pharmaceutical-benefit foods. It also profiles key products including Benecol and Take Control spreads, Kellogg’s Smart Start and Kashi Heart cereals, Stonyfield Farm yogurts, Groupe Danone’s DanActive prebiotic drink, Tropicana Essentials orange juice, Celestial Seasonings Wellness Teas, and others. In conclusion, it identifies cutting-edge trends, opportunities, and ideas market participants can use to their advantage in the future.

  1. Product Categories
  2. Market Size and Growth
  3. Market Composition by Retail Oulet
  4. Market Forecast
  5. Competitive Situation
  6. Marketing Dynamics
  7. The Consumer
  8. Trends and Opportunities
  9. Product Profiles
  10. Stonyfield Farm’s Probiotics and Prebiotics
  11. Tropicana Essentials and Minute Maid Heart Wise
  12. White Wave’s Silk

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