Pet Treats and Chews in the U.S.

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Published Jun 26, 2015 | 219 Pages | Pub ID: LA5471070
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Pet Treats and Chews in the U.S.

Pets love treats, and pet owners love to give their pets treats, using “treat time” as a way to pamper their pets, add nutritional value to their diets, and strengthen the human-animal bond. Packaged Facts online consumer survey data from April 2015 show that 87% of U.S. dog owners and 68% of cat owners purchase one or more types of treats/chews, illustrating the prevalence of these products in pet owners’ pet care regimen. In Pet Treats and Chews in the U.S., Packaged Facts examines the wide array of treat and chew options available to pet owners, as well as what motivates them to choose one treat over another from the plethora of options.

With retail sales reaching $5.4 billion in 2014, the market for treats and chews is a still-growing opportunity for marketers who offer innovative products with a focus on quality. Because of the recent furor over potential safety risks associated with recalled jerky treats, pet owners in the U.S. have begun to scrutinize the treats they buy even more closely, and interest in natural, locally sourced ingredients has never been higher. Value is another driving factor, with pet owners looking for more “bang for the buck” in the form of treats that provide side benefits such as dental care or functional ingredients.

This brand new Packaged Facts report examines the market for treats and chews, breaking it out into four categories: indulgent treats, rawhide/natural chews, dental chews/treats, and nutraceutical treats. The report provides a broad overview of the market with a focus on future trends, including the importance of product safety, the encroachment of natural products in mass-market outlets, the impact of humanization on the treat market, and growth of functional and grain-free treat options. The report also provides extensive retail sales breakouts along with an examination of the competitive situation, quantifying marketer and brand shares across three product categories using IRI Multi Outlet data, and providing marketer share figures for the natural and specialty/gourmet supermarket channels using SPINSscan sales tracking data. Dozens of images of illustrate innovative pet treat and chew product while screenshots of websites provide marketing and retailing context. Packaged Facts proprietary survey data supplements trend discussions throughout the report and provides the backbone of the Consumer Patterns chapter, which also utilizes Experian Marketing Services’ Simmons survey data to highlight product and brand penetration levels. Overall, Pet Treats and Chews in the U.S. details past and projected retail sales, competitive, new product and retail trends, and trends in pet treat purchaser attitudes, demographics and brand preferences.
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