The U.S. Pet Food Market

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Published Jun 1, 2002 | 360 Pages | Pub ID: LA728894

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Currently valued at over $10 billion, the U.S. market for pet food continues to grow, fueled by sales of value-added products for a dog and cat population that has increased to record highs. Yet pet food growth may have reached a plateau, now limited by recessionary economic trends. In consequence, the fundamental framework of the market is being transformed as consolidation occurs among major marketers, retailers, and even the trade press.

This Packaged Facts’ study of the 2002 Pet Food Market closely examines the momentous implications of this consolidation—from the monopolistic dominance recently granted Nestle/Ralston Purina to the blurring of mass/specialty retail categories brought on by Procter & Gamble’s acquisition of Iams. Other pet food macrotrends are discussed in depth as well, including the rising popularity of dogs, a new emphasis on dry food, and a budding product trend toward fuctional/nutraceutical pet foods and treats. This study also features a comprehensive analysis of pet food sales, marketer and brand shares, regulations, advertising expenditures and positioning, and consumer profiles.

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