Pet Food in the U.S., 12th Edition

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Published Mar 16, 2016 | 211 Pages | Pub ID: LA5908533

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Pet Food in the U.S., 12th Edition

As the largest category in the pet industry, the pet food market is both a mature category as well as a hotbed of activity and innovation. Recent years have seen a shift in sales to more premium pet foods and pet products, such as specialty pet supplies and specialty pet foods, driven by trends often seen in human food. Pet foods with ingredients labelled as premium attract owners who view their pets as part of the family. And the stability of the pet food industry has attracted investors, whether it’s the industry’s retailers being fought over by private equity firms or cutting edge start-ups being scooped up by bigger rivals.

Pet Food Market Analysis

Companies considering their strategic options in the pet industry and pet food market won’t want to miss Packaged Facts'new edition of Pet Food in the U.S., 12th Edition, We’ve added a host of new data from Packaged Facts’ proprietary Pet Owners Survey. We’ve included IRI sales data with expanded coverage as well as data on pet specialty from GfK. And we’ve analyzed the trends that are shaping the pet food industry – whether new products and marketing trends, M&A trends, retail trends, demographic/psychographic trends, or consumer habit trends.

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience in analyzing the pet food industry as well as Packaged Facts’ broad cross-category expertise, Pet Food in the U.S., 12th Edition pinpoints strategic directions for current and prospective marketers, with a forward-looking focus on high-growth product segments and market drivers. Covering products for all type of companion animals, the report devotes separate chapters to Dog Food, Cat Food, and Other Pet Food (birds, small animal, fish, and reptiles), while also providing a comprehensive Market Overview covering cross-market trends and opportunities. Among these: recent and expected mergers and acquisitions; private-label pet food; advertising and promotional initiatives; the impact of natural products on the industry; specialty diet products; and much more.

Pet Food Animal Categories: Dog, Cat & Other

This 2016 edition of Pet Food in the U.S. analyzes the retail market for the U.S. pet industry. The full retail spectrum is covered, including mass-market outlets, pet specialty stores, and other pet industry retail channel. Pet Food in the U.S., 12th Edition examines the following three categories:
  • Dog Food, subdivided into five forms: Dry, Wet, Treats, Semi-moist, and Frozen/Refrigerated. 
  • Cat Food, also subdivied into five forms: Dry, Wet, Treats, Semi-moist, and frozen/Refrigerated
  • Other Pet Food, consisting of food and treats for birds, small animals, fish and reptiles, collectively. 

Report Scope & Methodology

The report provides pet industry market size estimates for the overall retail universe and projections through 2018, while quantifying mass-market sales to the marketer/brand share level using data from IRI and the specialty channel through GfK. It also charts market size and marketer share figures for the natural and specialty/gourmet supermarket channels, using SPINSscan sales tracking data. In sum, Pet Food in the U.S., 12th Edition thoroughly documents competitive, new product and retail trends, as well as trends in pet food purchaser demographics, brand preferences, cross-channel shopping, and cross-product purchasing. Consumer profiling is based on exclusive data from Packaged Facts’ own quarterly pet owners surveys and customized cross tabulations of Simmons consumer survey data from Experian Marketing Services.

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