U.S. Pet Market Focus: Walmart as Competitor

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Published Jul 31, 2018 | 58 Pages | Pub ID: LA15718687
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U.S. Pet Market Focus: Walmart as Competitor

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With its investment in click-and-collect, Walmart is helping to move the retail industry further toward its onmi-channel destiny. The aggressive push has already helped invigorate company sales, putting brick-and-mortar and internet competitors on notice. If it works for groceries, it can work for pet food and supplies. Already, more pet owners purchase from Walmart than any other retailer. The company maintains a sizable in-store lead, and it is the third-most used online pet products and supplies retailer. Further expansion into veterinary services is likely, giving it additional in-store service ammunition that builds on its one-stop shopping proposition. As it builds its online and omni-channel expertise and, if it devotes more attention to private label pet products, Walmart will be an even fiercer competitor than it is today. And yet Walmart also has pet product and supplies competitive weaknesses, where competitors have relative strengths.

U.S. Pet Market Focus: Walmart as Competitor gives industry participants needed insight into the national largest retailer’s pet product and supplies strengths and weaknesses, framing them within the context of key pet product and supplies competitors.

This report assesses Walmart pet products and services offerings within the context of the broader pet market. It focuses on omni-channel (online, in-store, and aggregated) consumer pet products/supplies purchasing trends over time, and includes analysis of click-and-collect, subscription, and private label uptake. In each case, emphasis is place on Walmart, with comparative metrics provided for other major retailers.

The report also identifies the factors pet products/supplies purchasers deem important to choosing one pet products/supplies provider over another, with comparative analysis of Walmart users vs. those who use other major retailers. Scope of analysis includes factors related to price, convenience, brands and selection, online/omni-channel ordering, and staff/in-store services.

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