U.S. Pet Market Focus: The Amazon Pet Food and Supplies Shopper

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Published Aug 17, 2017 | 48 Pages | Pub ID: LA15438544

U.S. Pet Market Focus: The Amazon Pet Food & Supplies Shopper

For participants in the widening range of industries being sharply impacted by the growth of Amazon, understanding Amazon’s value proposition and its evolving relationship with consumers across categories and channels is essential to market success. U.S. Pet Market Focus: The Amazon Pet Food & Supplies Shopper provides groundbreaking insight on the role Amazon plays in shaping growth in the pet food and non-food supplies market. This report focuses on pet products purchasing trends over time to assess shifts (online, in-store and multi-channel) by major retailer and channel. As part of this focus, this report analyses retailer loyalty over time and, for active Internet users, share of spend by purchase channel.

Gauging the Amazon Threat

Amazon's purchase usage penetration among pet owners has risen to 31.6%, up from 19% over the course of just three years. The share of pet owners purchasing from Petco and PetSmart who also purchase from Amazon has simultaneously grown, and at least 36% of Petco and PetSmart shoppers now buy from Amazon. Although cross-store pet owner purchasers may not be buying Amazon pet products, it does make them more vulnerable to the powerful Amazon Prime loyalty proposition.

Amazon's Approach to Pet Products

Amazon offers countless pet products and supplies, with more than 384,000 dog products, some two-thirds of which are offered as part of Amazon Prime. Amazon is framing its pet products to maximize interest and usage of Amazon Prime membership services. 

Amazon has key pet product trends covered, offering more than 10,500 "all-natural" pet products for dogsas of July 2017 by keyword search. Amazon offers more than 10,2000 dog food products, with more than 1,750 categorized as grain-free. There are even 61 results for "ancestral".

While Amazon has made private label inroads in other retail categories, the pet products industry has largely been left to brands: only 21 pet product choices for Amazon Basics-branded pet products are available. 

Report Scope

U.S. Pet Market Focus: The Amazon Pet Food and Supplies Shopper analyzes the role Amazon plays in shaping these trends in pet food and supplies. The report includes cross-usage among major pet product retailers over time, and analyses Amazon Subscribe & Save, Amazon Fresh, and other features and services as they relate to the company’s evolving approach to the pet products category.

Online pet product sales growth
Key trends shaping the pet products industry
Amazon versus the pet products competition
Gauging the Amazon threat
Multi-channel pet product purchasing analysis
Pet product spend: multi-channel analysis
Amazon’s approach to the pet product category
Sales trends
Usage trends
Table 1-1: Percentage of Consumers Making Online Purchase in Last Three Months, Top Five Growth Categories, 2015-2017
Key trends shaping the pet products industry
2011-2017 pet supply purchasing trends, by retailer and channel
Table 1-2: Pet Supply Purchasers, by Channel, 2011-2017
Loyal purchasers hold steady even while number of stores shopped increases
Table 1-3: Pet Supply Purchasers: Average Number of Channels Used and Loyal Purchasers, 2011-2017
Sole-channel pet supply purchasers
Table 1-4: Sole-Channel Pet Supply Purchasers, by Channel, 2011-2017
Online pet product/supply purchasing gaining traction; online-only is another matter
Table 1-5: Sole Channel Pet Supply Purchasers, by Channel, 2011-2017
The Amazon threat
Table 1-6: Amazon vs. Petco and PetSmart: Purchasers and Purchasers Shopping at Amazon, 2014 vs. 2017
Table 1-7: Amazon vs. Petco and PetSmart: Online Purchasers and Online Purchasers Shopping at Amazon, 2017
Table 1-8: Pet Supply Purchasing Indexes by Channel vs. Amazon Purchasers, by Age, HH Income Segments and County Size, 2017
Table 1-9: Pet Supply Purchasing, by Channel: Amazon Users vs. Non-Users, 2017
Sole-channel pet product and supply purchase channels used: Amazon users vs. non-users
Table 1-10: Sole Channel Pet Supply Purchasers, by Channel: Amazon Users vs. all Pet Owners, 2017
In-store, veterinarian and online pet product purchasing
Table 1-11: Pet Product Purchases: In-Store, Online, and Veterinarian, 2017
In-store only vs. online-only pet product purchasing
Table 1-12: Pet Product Purchases: In-Store, In-Store Only, Online, and Online Only, 2017
The big picture: usage across channels
Table 1-13: In-Store/Online, In-Store and Online Pet Product Purchases: Brick and Mortar and Internet Retailers, 2017
Brick and mortar players
Table 1-14: Brick and Mortar Retailers: In-Store/Online, In-Store and Online Pet Product Purchases, 2017
Table 1-15: Brick and Mortar Retailers: In-Store Pet Product Purchasers, In-Store-Only Share, 2017
Table 1-16: Brick and Mortar Retailers: Online Pet Product Purchasers, Online-Only Share, 2017
Internet-only players
Table 1-17: Online Pet Product Purchases, by Internet Retailer, 2017
Table 1-18: Amazon Pet Product Purchasers: Multi-Channel Pet Product Shopping, by Major Retailer, 2017
Table 1-19: Share of Pet Product Spending, In-Store, Online and Other, 2017
The Amazon connection
Table 1-20: Multi-Channel Pet Product Spending Share: Amazon Pet Product Purchasers, 2017
Table 1-21: Multi-Channel Pet Product Spending Share, by Brick and Mortar Retailer, 2017
Amazon pet products
Table 1-22: Amazon Dog Products: Purchase Choices, by Category and Amazon Program, 2017
Table 1-23: Amazon Cat Products: Purchase Choices, by Category and Amazon Program, 2017
Pet product subscription services
Table 1-24: Online Pet Product Purchasers and Subscription/Auto-Ship Orders, by Internet Retailer, 2017
Amazon Subscribe & Save
Table 1-25: Amazon Subscribe & Save Usage, By Product Category, 2016-2017
Elbow butter in Amazon Fresh? Genius!
FreshPet front and center
Private label pet? Not yet

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