The U.S. Market for Men's Grooming Products

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Published Sep 1, 2001 | 278 Pages | Pub ID: LA378195

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Marketers are massing for a major assault on the $3.5 billion men's grooming market, which consists of the most dynamic segments of half a dozen otherwise mature categories. With an eye toward two demographic groups -- the graying baby boomer intent on retaining his competitive edge and the hip generation Y-er not embarrassed to spend money on looking good -- companies like L'Oreal and Shiseido have launched new men's hair coloring lines. Estee Lauder has come out with a set of men's "self-improvement" tools that sound very much like makeup. New men's fragrance and skincare brands abound. Even the sedate shaving and deodorant arenas has seen shake-ups as Gillette and Pfizer market new high-margin systems and target a new generation of consumers. Focusing on the fragrance, shaving, deodorant, haircare, skincare, and bath & body categories, this new Packaged Facts study pulls the market together, examining the sales, brand shares, new products, retail environment, consumers, and competitive strategies of the traditional toiletries giants as well as the new men's grooming specialists.

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