The U.S. Marriage Market: The Engaged and Newlyweds as Consumers of Household Goods

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Published Feb 1, 2002 | 260 Pages | Pub ID: LA479940

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Marketers, retailers, bridal magazines, bridal shows, and online wedding resources are increasingly coordinating their efforts to capture the business of the engaged/recently married population. A major focus has been to expand the marriage market beyond its traditional categories, particularly to encompass all home products, including major appliances, furniture, and consumer electronics, as well as the more traditional tableware, linens, small appliances, and cookware. Moreover, to extend the reach of their bridal/gift registries, retailers have been taking them online, and retail nonpareil Wal-Mart has now committed fully to the registry concept. This Packaged Facts report provides comprehensive demographic profiles of engaged or recently married U.S. consumers, along with market size estimates and trend projections. An examination of overall marketing trends precedes individual chapters on Household Appliances and Furnishings, Consumer Electronics, Kitchenware/Tableware/Linens, and The Retail Arena, each of which uses current Simmons Market Research Bureau consumer data, supplemented by market data from a wide array of other sources, to analyze the impact of the engaged/recently married population in myriad product categories.
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