Latino Foodservice Trends in the U.S.

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Published Nov 1, 2011 | 132 Pages | Pub ID: LA6501278
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Hispanic consumers are central to restaurant industry growth: Hispanic share of consumer-driven restaurant sales is on the upswing, with growth of 4.7% in 2011, almost double that of the U.S. consumers generally. Latino Foodservice Trends in the U.S. provides industry participants with valuable insights about the impact Hispanics are having on the restaurant industry:

  • How the prevalence of Hispanic youth, children, and choice of language spoken affect restaurant usage, supported by restaurant usage frequency analysis

  • How Hispanic perceptions about consumer confidence affect their frequency of restaurant use and why marketing messages should be tailored accordingly

  • How geography and featured cuisine affect Hispanic guest traffic volume and growth

  • Analysis of “hot” ethnic cuisine trends; Mexican menu items; Caribbean, Mexican, South American menu item penetration; and brand LTO/new menu items.

  • Challenging commonly held beliefs about Hispanics’ views on the importance of the kitchen and at-home family dining—and why full-service restaurant share gains suggest that a significant shift is underway

  • Understanding the greater conflict on the part of Hispanics than on the part of non-Hispanics regarding healthful eating perceptions.

  • Which restaurant segments and brands (by foodservice sales) are growing Hispanic share

This report covers Latino foodservice trends in the United States. Scope of analysis is limited largely to the full-service, limited-service and snack and beverage segments of the restaurant industry, and includes analysis of 4-year Hispanic restaurant spending trends by restaurant segment; 5-year Hispanic guest traffic analysis by restaurant segment, sub-segment and brand; menu item analysis (primarily Mexican but also Caribbean and South American, as well as limited-time offer and new item analysis). Trends are framed within the context of the general population as well as that of non-Hispanics. A market size and forecast for restaurant sales to Hispanic consumers (with segment analysis) is included.

The report also covers the following topics:

  • Drivers pertinent to the Hispanic share of the restaurant sales, including population and income growth trends; demographic drivers; language and acculturation; Hispanic consumer confidence; and geographic trends and related brand analysis.

  • Hispanic health issues and trends pertinent to the restaurant industry, including obesity trends and related sociological issues; attitudes toward health, diet and food, with a focus on their views on healthy fast food, the nutritional value of food, and the importance of the kitchen to their home.

  • Combined sales and guest traffic trends during 2007-11 among the top 25 restaurant brands by sales, as well as a wider net of top brands according to Hispanic share of use.

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