U.S. Grocery Market Focus: The Amazon Food Shopper

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Published Aug 23, 2017 | 55 Pages | Pub ID: LA15444939

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U.S. Grocery Market Focus: The Amazon Food Shopper

For participants in markets affected by its growth, understanding Amazon’s value proposition and its evolving relationship with the consumer across affected retail categories and channels is key. U.S. Grocery Market Focus: The Amazon Food Shopper provides unique and fully up-to-date insight on the role Amazon plays in shaping grocery trends. The report focuses on Amazon products and services engagement over time, with the analysis providing portraits of the Amazon shopper, the Amazon media user, and the Amazon Prime member. The report also assesses Amazon's numerous strategies to broaden its reach into U.S. homes and wallets, including segmented subscriptions, penetrating and deepening retail categories, expanding Alexa’s reach, moving into social media and multi-channel initiatives. Detailed data are provided on Amazon Prime, its relationship to the consumer, and the ways it is leveraged to drive engagement and increase sales.

Analysis and data highlights include:

  • e-Commerce sales and food & beverage e-commerce sales projected through 2020
  • Amazon food & beverage e-commerce sales projected through 2020
  • Historical trending of food retailer usage and Amazon user share
  • Demographic analysis of Amazon food-centric programs
  • Demographic analysis that covers detailed household income segmentation (including $150K-$249K and $250K+ brackets) and geographical analysis (top fourteen designated market areas, designated market areas by segments, metropolitan areas by segment, and county size).
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