MarketLooks: The U.S. Giftware Market

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Published Jul 1, 2000 | 18 Pages | Pub ID: ML0920

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Compiled From: "U.S. Giftware Market"
Abstract from full report:

Millennium fever accelerated the growth of the giftware market, which passed $22 billion in retail sales in 1999. Collectibles, the second largest of the four product categories that make up the market (the others are novelties, decorative accessories and seasonal decorative accessories), are projected to enjoy double-digit growth in the year 2000. This report estimates industry sales over the last five years and gives projections through 2004, based on close consideration of all relevant data and trends. The 20 top marketers, including Enesco, Russ Berrie, Department 56, Mattel, Hallmark, Goebel, Waterford and Swarowski, receive full profiles and 15 important supporting players also get individual attention. In addition, the report breaks out sales by retail channel and analyzes the continued dominance of specialty stores, which account for a two-thirds share. Finally, the report culls demographic information from several sources on giftware purchasers overall and collectors in particular.

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  1. The Products
  2. Market Size and Growth
  3. Projected Market Growth
  4. Marketer Overview
  5. Marketing and New Product Trends
  6. At the Retail Level
  7. The Consumer
  8. Competitive Profiles

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