The U.S. Giftware Market

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Millennium fever has accelerated the growth of the giftware market, which passed $22 billion in retail sales in 1999. Collectibles, the second largest of the four product categories that make up the market (the others are novelties, decorative accessories and seasonal decorative accessories), are projected to enjoy double-digit growth in the year 2000. This report estimates industry sales over the last five years and gives projections through 2004, based on close consideration of all relevant data and trends. The 20 top marketers including Enesco, Russ Berrie, Department 56, Mattel, Hallmark, Goebel, Waterford and Swarowski, receive full profiles, and 15 important supporting players also get individual attention. In addition, the report breaks out sales by retail channel and analyzes the continued dominance of specialty stores, which account for a two-thirds share. Finally, the report culls demographic information from several sources on giftware purchasers overall and collectors in particular.
  1. Executive Summary
      Scope and Methodology
        Scope of Report
        Focus on Retail Market
        Report Methodology

      The Products
        Historical Overview
        Product Categories

      The Market
        Retail Sales Reach $21.6 Billion in 1999
        Factors Affecting Market Growth
        Giftware Market to Top $28 Billion in 2004
        Table 1-1: Retail Sales of U.S. Giftware Market by Product Category, 1995-2004 (dollars): Novelties, Collectibles, Decorative Accessories, Seasonal Decorative Accessories
        Market Composition by Product Category
        Figure 1-1: Share of U.S. Giftware Market by Product Category, 1995 vs. 1999 (percent): Novelties, Collectibles, Decorative Accessories, Seasonal Decorative Accessories

      The Marketers
        Overview of Marketers
        The Competitive Situation
        Marketing and Product Trends
        Consumer Advertising and Promotions
        Trade Shows

      Distribution and Retail
        At the Distribution Level
        Many Types of Retailers Compete in Market
        Specialty Stores the Dominant Retail Channel
        Giftware Retailing on the Internet
        Focus on Specialty Stores

      The Consumer
        Giftware Purchasers
        Boomers, GenXers Transform Collector Market
        Themes and Types of Collectibles Favored by Boomers
        Entry of Gen X Collectors Heralds Shifts in Distribution Channels
  2. The Products
      Scope of Report
        Giftware at Retail
        Not All Gifts Are Giftware, and Vice Versa
        Packaged Facts' Definition of Giftware
        Products Not Included
        Focus on Retail Market

      Historical Overview
        Roots in Ancient Times
        Historical Highlights
        The Birth of Gift Shows and Trade Marts
        The Rise of Gift Shops
        Collectibles Blossom in 1970s

      Product Definition
        Four Product Categories
        Created Collectibles
        Limited Edition Collectibles
        Real Collectibles
        Decorative Accessories
        Seasonal Decorative Accessories
        Giftware Materials
  3. The Market
    Figure 3-1: U.S. Retail Sales of Giftware by Product Category, 1995-1999 (dollars): Novelties, Collectibles, Decorative Accessories, Seasonal Decorative Accessories
      Market Size and Growth
        Methodology for Estimating Sales
        Retail Sales Reach $21.6 Billion in 1999
        Table 3-1: U.S. Retail Sales of Giftware, 1995-1999 (dollars)
        Novelties Sales Near $7.5 Billion
        Collectibles' Growth Slows
        Decorative Accessories Approaching $5.0 Billion
        Table 3-2: U.S. Retail Sales of Giftware by Product Category, 1995-1999 (dollars): Novelties, Collectibles, Decorative Accessories, Seasonal Decorative Accessories
        Seasonal Decorative Accessories Sales at $3.5 Billion

      Market Composition
        Collectibles, Decorative Accessories Gain Market Share
        Figure 3-2: Share of U.S. Giftware Market by Product Category, 1995 vs. 1999 (percent): Novelties, Collectibles, Decorative Accessories, Seasonal Decorative Accessories
        Giftware Dominated by Imports
        Specialty Stores the Dominant Retail Channel
        Figure 3-3: Share of U.S. Giftware Market by Retail Outlet, 1999 (percent): Specialty Stores, Department Stores, Mass Merchandisers, Warehouse Clubs/Drugstores/Supermarkets, All Other Outlets
        Direct-to-Consumer Giftware Sales Exceed $3 Billion
        Fourth Quarter Is Biggest for Sales

      Factors to Market Growth
        Gift-Giving Occasions Abound
        Strong Economy, "Millennium Fever" Boost Consumer Spending
        Ongoing Cocooning Trend Favors Decorative Accessories
        Older Householders Increasing
        Table 3-3: Projections of U.S. Households by Age of Householder, 1999 vs. 2004 (number and percent): Age Under 25 to Age 75 and Older
        Aging Baby Boomers a Prime Target for Collectibles
        Collectible Themes Reflect Baby Boomers' Growing Years
        Middle-Aged Women, the Best Giftware Customers, Belong to Fastest Growing Population Groups
        Table 3-4a: Projections of U.S. Population by Gender and Age Bracket, 1999 (number and percent): All Ages, Age 20 to Age 74
        Table 3-4b: Projections of U.S. Population by Gender and Age Bracket, 2004 (number and percent): All Ages, Age 20 to Age 74
        Now Over 70 Million Strong, Kids Feed Giftware Demand
        Kids' Spending Clout Not to Be Ignored
        Raising the Next Wave of Collectors
        Giftware Benefits from Americans' Propensity to Travel
        Too Many Collectibles?
        Figure 3-4: Projected U.S. Retail Sales of Giftware, 1999-2004 (dollars)

      Projected Market Growth
        Giftware Market to Top $28 Billion in 2004
        Table 3-5: Projected U.S. Retail Sales of Giftware, 1999-2004 (dollars)
        Decorative Accessories, Collectibles Will Continue to Set the Pace
        Table 3-6: Projected U.S. Retail Sales of Giftware by Product Category, 1999-2004 (dollars): Novelties, Collectibles, Decorative Accessories, Seasonal Decorative Accessories
  4. The Marketers
      The Marketers
        Thousands of Companies
        Most Major Marketers Not Manufacturers
        $100-Million-Plus Club Doubles in Size
        Second-Tier Marketers
        Third-Tier Marketers
        Many Tableware Marketers Involved in Giftware
        Hallmark an Exception Among Greeting Card Marketers
        Leading Direct-Response Marketers
        Recent Mergers and Acquisitions
        Table 4-1: U.S. Giftware Market: Leading Marketers and Product Lines (36 Marketers)

      Competitive Situation
        An Intense, Fragmented Market
        Even Major Players Not Dominant
        Merger Mania Hits Industry
        Competition Hones Quality and Design Standards

      Competitive Profile: The Boyds Collection Ltd.
        Collectible Bears with a Sense of Humor
        Bearstones Bring Boyds into Top Ranks
        Kohlberg Kravis Roberts Investment, Public Offering Cap Five Years of Rapid Growth
        Growth Slows in 1999; Ex-Coty Chief Named CEO
        Boyds Launches Website
        Boyds Collectibles Carry Hidden Symbols of Authenticity

      Competitive Profile: Department 56, Inc.
        Helps Create New Collectible: Miniature Houses
        Product Offering Is Extensive, and Extensively Renewed
        Inaugurates Village Series in 1976
        Retirement, Accessories Stimulate Demand
        Affiliations with Popular Brands
        Figurines Are Marketer's Other Major Collectible
        Selective About Distribution
        Begins Working with Internet Retailers
        Continues to Seek Complementary Acquisitions
        A Seasonal Advertiser
        Contributes to Ronald McDonald House Charities

      Competitive Profile: Enesco Group, Inc.
        Sales and Profits Plummet in Wake of Reorganization
        Enesco Line Is Among Industry's Largest
        Enesco Strikes Gold with Precious Moments
        Marketer Acquires Precious Moments Licensing Rights
        Enesco Scores Again with Cherished Teddies
        Other Enesco Lines
        Sales Growing in Alternate Channels of Distribution
        Enesco Focusing on Home Decor Through Home Gallery Division
        Company Enters Framed Art Segment
        Adds Complete Christmas Collection
        Enesco to Work More Closely with Retailers
        Heavy Philanthropic Involvement

      Competitive Profile: Giftware Holdings, Inc.
        Investment Firm Forms Holding Company for Growing Giftware Interests
        Goal: Building a $500 Million Giftware Business

      Competitive Profile: Goebel North America
        Goebel Well-Established Before Hummel
        U.S. Market Accounts for 40% of Hummel Sales
        Hummel Figurines Emerge from Troubled Time
        Lower-Priced Berta Hummel Line
        Company Works to Create U.S. Market for Non-Hummel Products

      Competitive Profile: Hallmark Cards, Inc.
        World's Largest Greeting Card Company
        Collectible Ornaments Are Leading Giftware Product
        New Ornaments Debut at Two-Day Event in Stores
        Hallmark Also a Retailer
        Develops Web Link with Retailers
        Hallmark Far Outspends Other Giftware Advertisers

      Competitive Profile: Kurt S. Adler, Inc.
        Largest Line of Holiday Accessories
        From Importer to Initiator
        Designs Holiday Accessories to Reflect Decor Trends
        Boosts Offering of Lit Villages
        Forms Collectibles Lines and Clubs

      Competitive Profile: Lenox, Inc.
        A Giftware/Tableware Double Threat
        Lenox Is Leading Brand of China Giftware
        Large Giftware Introductions Occur Twice a Year
        Lenox Brand Targets Retail Collectibles Market
        Ad Campaign Repositions Lenox as Giftware Company
        Website Helps Sustain Turnaround at Lenox Collections

      Competitive Profile: Lladro USA
        Division of a Spanish Company
        Figurines Have Art Nouveau Flavor

      Competitive Profile: Mattel, Inc.
        Barbie Sparks Quick Rise to Top
        Barbie Retail Sales Reach New High Despite Drop in Shipments
        Barbie Collectibles Cash In on Barbie Phenomenon
        You've Come a Long Way, Barbie
        Department Stores Open Barbie Boutiques
        Barbie Celebrates 40th Anniversary
        Anniversary Ad Campaign Links Barbie with Successful Women
        Mattel Extends into Other Collectibles
        Focuses on Doubling Direct-to-Consumer Sales Through Catalogs and E-Commerce

      Competitive Profile: Media Arts Group, Inc.
        Sales Skyrocket for Marketer of Thomas Kinkade Art
        Kinkade's Paintings: A Refuge and an Investment
        Tiered Product Forms and Pricing
        Burgeoning Network of Licensed Galleries
        Media Arts Begins Selling to Consumers Online
        Building the Thomas Kinkade Name Through Licensing

      Competitive Profile: Midwest of Cannon Falls, Inc.
        A Low-Profile Competitor
        Full Line of Seasonal Decoratives
        Account Base Growing Larger

      Competitive Profile: Mikasa, Inc.
        Mikasa Number Two in Crystal Giftware
        Sees Growth Opportunity in Giftware
        Store Network Is Tableware's Largest

      Competitive Profile: Roman, Inc.
        Newcomer to First Tier, But Not to Collectibles
        Adds Figurines of Children to Religious Subjects
        Addresses Popularity of Angels

      Competitive Profile: Russ Berrie and Co., Inc.
        Company Evolves from Impulse Item Specialist
        An Extensive Range of Giftware
        Continuing Flow of New Products
        Account Base Is Huge and Diverse
        Direct-Sales Force Is Unusual for Industry
        Forms Russ Baby Division
        Among Giftware's Leading Advertisers
        Russell Berrie, Philanthropist

      Competitive Profile: Swarovski Consumer Goods Ltd.
        Crystal Specialist at Second-Tier Threshold
        Animals Are Frequent Subjects
        Targets Department Stores
        A Leading Giftware Advertiser

      Competitive Profile: Syratech Corp.
        Entrepreneur at the Helm
        Begins Foray into Seasonal Decoratives
        Acquires Rauch, Silvestri, and Potpourri
        Giftware Stake Grows with ACC, Limoges Imports Acquisitions
        Continues to Cultivate Silver Giftware
        Tableware and Housewares Acquisitions Also Continue Apace
        Diversified Account Base

      Company Profile: Ty, Inc.
        The Beanie Babies Frenzy
        Selective About Distribution
        Collectors, Media Help Boost the Hype
        A New Lease on Life for Beanie Babies?
        Zealous Against Suspected Counterfeiters
        Brilliant Promotional Tie-Ins
        Warner Invests in Corporate Promotions Firm

      Competitive Profile: The Walt Disney Co.
        Longtime Licenser Enters Giftware Marketer Ranks
        Targets Collectors Through Stores
        Consumer Product Sales Drop

      Company Profile: Waterford Wedgwood USA
        A Venerable History
        Wedgwood and Waterford Join Forces
        U.S. Sales Drive Waterford Wedgwood Turnaround
        Each Brand Responsible for Own U.S. Sales and Marketing
        Waterford Giftware Introductions Focus on Christmas and Collectibles
        Waterford Joins Forces with Amway
        Creates Waterford Collector Society
        Wedgwood Takes Aim at Lenox in Giftware
        Seeks to Emulate Waterford's Brand-Building
        Waterford Wedgwood Acquires Stake in Royal Doulton

      Competitive Profiles: Other Marketers
        Alexander Doll Co., Inc.: Pioneer's Sales Are Growing Again
        Helped Create Collectible Doll Segment
        Company in Turnaround
        Wide Range of Dolls
        Baccarat, Inc.: Sophisticated High-End Crystal Giftware
        Targets Younger Consumers
        Fashion Executive Assumes Presidency
        Cast Art Industries, Inc.: Dreamsicles Figurines a Top Collectible
        Dreamsicles Line Continues to Grow
        Begins Selling through
        Charles Sadek Importing Co., Inc.: Andrea by Sadek
        Crystal Clear Industries, Inc.: Capitalizing on Growth of Crystal
        Introductions Are Extensive
        May Start Consumer Advertising
        Gund, Inc.: Beginning a New Century
        Expanding to Mass Market
        Miller Import Corp.: Marketer of Armani Figurines
        Figurines Are Stylized
        Orrefors Kosta Boda: Swedish Glass
        Recent Introductions Target Lower Price Points
        Third Leading Crystal Giftware Advertiser
        Possible Dreams Ltd.: Specializing in Santas
        Company Offers Other Seasonal and Nonseasonal Giftware as Well
        Reed & Barton Silversmiths: Silver, Crystal, and China Triple Threat
        Acquires Miller Rogaska Crystal
        Miller Rogaska Targeting Lower Price Points
        Royal Doulton USA: A Leader in Both Giftware and Dinnerware
        Maker of Figurines Since 1912
        Restructuring Brings Shakeup at U.S. Subsidiary
        Plans Greater Emphasis on Giftware and Collectibles
        Increasing Brand Awareness through Licensing
        Seymour Mann, Inc.: Hobby Evolves into Important Doll Line
        Steiff USA: Leader in High-End Plush
        Steuben Glass: U.S. Manufacturer Is Leader in Luxury Crystal
        United Design Corp.: From Novelty to Collectible Figurines
        Boasts Over 4,500 Products
        Wilton Armetale Co.: Pioneers in "Alternative Metals"

      Marketing Trends
        New Products Drive the Business
        Licenses = Brands
        Artists and Properties Licensed Back and Forth
        Licensing Trends
        Baby, Baby
        Collectibles Are Marketing Magic
        The Role of Collector Clubs
        Business-to-Business Websites for Giftware
        Giftware Marketers Target International Sales

      Product Trends
        Tapping into Home Decor
        Candleholders Shine
        Garden Accessories and Outdoor Decor
        Angels Continue to Soar
        Ethnic Collectibles Become a Staple
        Crystal Giftware: Serving All Price Ranges

      Consumer Advertising Expenditures
        Few Big Spenders
        Direct-Response Marketers Are Heavy Advertisers
        Hallmark the Largest Retail Giftware Advertiser by Far
        Mattel, Disney Benefit from Corporate Ads
        Crystal Marketers Believe in Advertising
        Department 56, Media Arts Group, Russ Berrie, and Lladro Are Also Major Advertisers
        Print Predominates

      Consumer Advertising Positioning
        Focus Can Be Brand or Product or Both
        Ads Evoke Sentiment and Warm Emotions
        Ads for Collectibles Emphasize Company or Product Legacy
        Products Have Lasting Inherent Value
        Humor Not Incompatible with Collectibles Advertising
        Ads Publicize In-Store Events
        Crystal Ads Are Most Striking Visually
        Examples of Consumer Advertising

      Consumer Promotions
        Co-Op Advertising with Retailers
        Brochures and Catalogs
        Joint Promotions
        Personal Appearances and Demonstrations
        Contests and Sweepstakes
        Collector Clubs Offer Incentives
        Examples of Consumer Promotions

      Trade Advertising and Promotion
        Trade Ads Focus on New Products
        Gift Shows Vital to Industry
        Showroom Buildings and Market Centers
        Sales Supports
        Collector Clubs Offer Incentives to Retailers
        Examples of Trade Advertising and Promotions
  5. Distribution and Retail
      At the Distribution Level
        Independent Sales Representatives Vital to Industry
        Retailer Cooperatives
        Retailers Import Some Giftware Directly
        Direct Importing via the Internet

      At the Retail Level
        Many Types of Retailers Compete in Market
        Specialty Stores the Dominant Retail Channel
        Marketer-Owned and Franchised Stores
        Other Retailers Opportunistic
        Department Stores: Less Footage, Smaller Assortments
        Giftware Usually Adjacent to Tableware
        Typical Department Store Giftware Inventories
        Neiman Marcus Launching Giftware Chain
        Mass Merchandisers: Selection Weighted Toward Home Decor
        Clubs, Drugstores, and Supermarkets See Opportunity in Giftware
        QVC Leads in TV Sales of Collectibles
        Avon and Amway Enter Giftware

      Giftware Retailing on the Internet
        Internet Retailing Has Huge Potential
        Holiday 1999 Results Are Encouraging
        Leading Giftware Dot.Coms
        A Pioneer and a Newcomer
        Seven Collectibles Retailers Launch Joint Web Storefront
        Site Stresses Selection and Service
        Major Tableware/Giftware Catalog Retailer Mines the Internet
        J.C. Penney Tools Up for Online Selling
        Other Retail Giants Join the Bandwagon
        Wal-Mart Enters the Fray

      Retail Advertising and Promotions
        Bridal Registries
        National Retailers Enter Registry Business
        Giftware Retailers Believe in Advertising
        Retail Promotions Are Varied
        Syndicated Catalogs and Buying Cooperatives
        Retail-Sponsored Collector Clubs

      Focus on Specialty Stores
        Most Giftware Specialty Retailers Small, Single-Store Operations
        Specialty Stores an Ideal Giftware Venue
        More Sources, More Assortment
        Personal Service a Strong Selling Point
        Visual Merchandising Varies Widely
        Keystone Markup Is Standard
        $1 Million Collectibles Retailers Different
  6. The Consumer
      The Giftware Consumer
        Limited Data on Giftware Purchasers
        The Giftware Consumer Is Nearly Everyone
        Four Types of Gift Consumers
        Specialty Gift Retailers' Best Customers

      The Collector
        All Eyes on the Collector
        Beanie Babies, Aging Boomers Spark Jump in Collecting Households
        Boomers, Generation Xers Transform Collector Market
        How Collectors Get Started
        Boomers Become Prime Market for Collectibles
        Themes and Types of Collectibles Favored by Boomers
        Self-Expression Motivates Boomer, Generation X Collectors
        Make Way for the Male Collector
        Table 6-1: Male vs. Female Collectors by Generation (percent): Matures, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers
        Rise of Generation X Collectors Heralds Shift in Distribution Channels
        Table 6-2: Where Collectors Buy from Regularly (percent): 10 Types of Outlets

      Collectors by Product Type
        Consumers Collect Figurines Most
        Doll Collectors Younger, More Apt to Have Children at Home
        Details, Individuality Important
        Male Doll Collectors Growing in Importance
        Die-Cast Collectors: Youngest, Most Male-Oriented Profile

      Psychographics of Collectors
        Motivations for Collecting
        Five Types of Collectors

    Appendix I: Advertisements. This appendix appears in bound editions only.
    Appendix II: Addresses Of Selected Marketers

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