The U.S. Market for Prepaid Cards with a Focus on Gift Cards

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Published Dec 1, 2007 | 195 Pages | Pub ID: LA1391123

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The U.S. Market for Prepaid Cards with a Focus on Gift Cards updates Packaged Facts’ 2006 groundbreaking study on gift cards.

Within the context of the U.S. prepaid card market, the report explores the drivers, trends and legal landscape of the gift card market, a market Packaged Facts expects to post continued growth of about 5% annually through 2012. The report also provides a cursory examination of what is happening in international markets.

Report Methodology:
The report’s data are based on primary research, including interviews with industry participants, and secondary research including articles appearing in financial, marketing and trade publications, government business and financial regulatory agencies’ data, company literature, independent financial reports and product advertising. Statistics on market revenues are based on an evaluation of all available information on market sales and trends, including data for publicly traded companies from SEC filings; and trends and figures reported by the trade press and federal regulatory reports and white papers.

What You’ll Get in this Report:
Purchasers of The U.S. Market for Prepaid Cards with a Focus on Gift Cards will come away with a thorough grasp of the gift card market in terms of both consumer behavior and industry trends.

It is a comprehensive treatment of the market’s size and composition, market growth projections through 2012, and both positive and negative factors that will drive this growth. Chapters on marketing, product development and distribution/sales are coupled with in-depth coverage of specific products and case studies of key players in the industry. Identification of demographic segments and relevant buying behavior present a different perspective on the industry, identifying and illustrating consumer attitudes and buying behaviors. The report concludes with consideration of trends and opportunities that will further shape the industry over a period of several years.

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