Frozen Foods in the U.S., 3rd Edition

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Published Jan 1, 2011 | 246 Pages | Pub ID: LA2511637
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Marketers and retailers of frozen foods have capitalized on recessionary conditions to offer consumers alternatives to expensive dinners out. Although economic conditions are slowly improving, Americans are still “eating in” more often, and frozen foods provide a convenient way to prepare the healthy, cost-effective meals consumers want. Packaged Facts estimates that U.S. retail sales of frozen foods and beverages through all retail channels totaled approximately $56 billion in 2010, with sales up 22%—or $10.0 billion—during the 2006-2010 period. And with new product introductions now picking back up, the market is forecast to near $70 billion by 2015.

This completely revised Packaged Facts report examines the U.S. market for frozen foods and beverages sold to consumers through the entire retail spectrum. The 2010 edition of Frozen Foods in the U.S. takes an omnibus approach, providing a broad overview of the frozen foods market as a whole tracking five main classifications: Center Plate, Desserts, Vegetables/Appetizers/Snacks/Sides, Breakfast Foods, and Beverages. A comprehensive “Market Overview” chapter provides overall sales statistics and breakouts by classification, along with a thorough analysis of the current market outlook, examining overarching trends affecting frozen foods sales such as the economy, health/wellness and environmental concerns. The report also provides extensive marketer and brand share breakouts in those categories exhibiting the most activity in 2010. A chapter focusing on marketing and new product trends in frozen foods—e.g., convenience, health, and “green” appeals—and a chapter on consumer trends complete the analysis.

Frozen Foods in the U.S. documents ongoing and emerging product trends, using data from Datamonitor’s Product Launch Analytics tracking service to quantify and categorize new product introductions. Detailed sales figures are compiled using SymphonyIRI’s InfoScan Review data for mass-market channels; and the report also tracks sales through natural channels using SPINSscan data. Experian Simmons Market Research Bureau and Packaged Facts’ own custom, online consumer survey data form the basis of an in-depth examination of consumer trends, including attitudes toward frozen foods and related trends such as the economy and healthy eating, as well as product and brand penetration levels and preferences. As with all Packaged Facts reports, the wide range of data is presented in easy-to-read and practical charts, tables and graphs.

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