MarketLooks: Frozen Food in the U.S.

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Published Aug 1, 2006 | 28 Pages | Pub ID: ML1326377

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Title: Frozen Food in the U.S.
Published: August 2006

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The following is the abstract from the full report:
The $28 billion market for frozen foods is a slow-growing behemoth, struggling to compete against more dynamic fresh foods categories as retailers increasingly lure consumers away from the center grocery aisles with the convenience, eye-catching displays, and promise of fresh hot or chilled “meal solutions.” Indeed, frozen food marketers’ greatest challenge may be to get consumers to walk down the “boring” frozen food aisle.

At the same time, within the freezer case sales growth for some frozen segments and individual product lines has been outstanding, as alternative retail channels including supercenters move in to challenge supermarkets’ former stronghold on the frozen aisles. New and improved healthier frozen products are becoming available everywhere from supermarkets to convenience stores, with marketers rushing to reformulate products by adding whole grains, removing trans-fats, and making other changes that will impact the nation’s health as well as marketers’ bottom line. Closely associated with health and wellness is the mainstreaming of natural/organic foods, as Wal-Mart embarks on a mission to bring value-priced organic foods to the masses.

  1. Product Categories
  2. Market Size and Growth
  3. Market Composition by Category
  4. Market Composition by Retail Outlet
  5. Market Growth Factors
  6. Competitive Situation
  7. The Consumer
  8. Frozen Dinners/Entrees
  9. Frozen Poultry, Seafood, and Meat
  10. Frozen Vegetables
  11. Frozen Pizza
  12. Frozen Breakfast Foods
  13. Frozen Appetizers/Snacks

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