U.S. Food Market Outlook 2018

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Published Jan 25, 2018 | 459 Pages | Pub ID: LA15417186
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U.S. Food Market Outlook 2018

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Packaged Facts’ all-new U.S. Food Market Outlook 2018 brings you a comprehensive look at the largest categories in the retail packaged foods market, spanning all sections of the grocery store (center-store shelf stable, frozen, meat case, dairy case, cheese section, deli, produce).
The systematic, category-by-category analysis, data, and insights provided lay out:

Key opportunities for sale growth
Economic factors to market growth
Market sizing (volume and dollars) – 5-year historic trending and forecast
Category and segment dollar sales   
Marketer competition: key marketers and share of sales, M&A activity
Illustration-rich coverage of new product, marketing and retail trends and innovation
Sales by retail outlet
Consumer trends: product usage, consumption trends, brand usage 

Scope of Report

U.S. Food Market Outlook 2018 focuses on the market for selected food products sold to consumers in the United States through retail channels.  All retail channels of distribution are covered including supermarkets and grocery stores, mass merchandisers and supercenters, warehouse clubs, specialty food stores, health/natural food stores, convenience stores, drugstores, dollar stores, and direct-sales channels such as online and mail order. Market size data are provided at the retail sales level for 2012-2017 and projections for 2017-2022.  

The information in U.S. Food Market Outlook 2018 was obtained from both primary and secondary research. Primary research included consultation with industry sources and visits to retail stores. Secondary research entailed gathering data from relevant trade, business and government sources, as well as company promotional literature and annual reports. Our estimates of market size and company performance are based on various sources including reported revenues of product manufacturers and retailers, relevant publications and other market research sources. Our analysis of consumer trends relies on data from various sources including Simmons National Consumer Surveys for Spring 2007 through Spring 2017. On an ongoing basis, Simmons conducts booklet-based surveys of a large and random sample of consumers (approximately 25,000 for each 12-month survey compilation) who in aggregate represent a statistically accurate cross-section of the U.S. population.  

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