The U.S. Market for Flavored Dairy Beverages

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Published Jan 1, 2002 | 217 Pages | Pub ID: LA465302

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The flavored dairy beverage business is poised for unprecedented growth in a category that previously positioned milk as a commodity rather than a drink. This new report from Packaged Facts provides historical data as well as market growth projections fn the flavored dairy beverage business, which encompasses refrigerated and shelf-stable flavored milks and milkshakes, coffee-milk drinks, dairy-based drinks, yogurt beverages, smoothies, milk flavorings, hot cocoa mixes. Learn how you can become part of this $2.2 billion beverage segment, which is predicted to show double-digit growth during the next decade. This report details innovations in flavors, packages, and manufacturing, which are just some of the driving forces behind new product development. Learn how single-serve bottles, licensed characters, cool flavors, carbonation, and old-fashioned wholesomeness are making milk and milk-based beverages the drink of choice for today's healthy lifestyle-seeking, grab-and-go consumer. The report also includes profiles of the top players in the flavored dairy beverage business, demographic data and brand share information.

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