MarketLooks: Evangelical Christians in the U.S.: Lifestyle, Demographic and Marketing Trends

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Published Nov 1, 2007 | 19 Pages | Pub ID: ML2091761

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Title: Evangelical Christians in the U.S.: Lifestyle, Demographic and Marketing Trends
Published: November 2007

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The following is the abstract from the full report:
With 69.5 million American adults devoted to the Evangelical lifestyle, the current and still-growing societal and monetary clout of this cohort is impossible to ignore. In 2006, household income among Evangelicals represented 28% of the national total, or $2.1 trillion, and products, services and marketing campaigns targeted to these consumers often have mainstream crossover appeal. Moreover, Evangelicals have market impact not only as individuals: Well over half of them belong to a church, and among conservatives in the segment, 62% attend a place of worship. Often headed by charismatic ministers and sometimes claiming membership in the thousands, Evangelical churches wield significant cultural, economic and political force, and they have marketing savvy to spare.

To help marketers understand the goals, motivations and kingdom-building desires of this diverse cohort, Packaged Facts presents an all-new report on Evangelical lifestyle, demographic, marketing, and product and service usage patterns, casting a wide net over the diversity of consumer options that tend to affirm Evangelicalism as a way of life. Drawing on uniquely cross-tabulated Simmons Market Research Bureau consumer survey data, along with government and private sector data sources and analysis of targeted marketing campaigns, the report examines how Evangelicals balance the demands of their faith with the offerings of the marketplace, and explores the many reasons why myriad marketers are seeking to accommodate this group. The report presents five focus chapters:

  • Lifestyle and Demographics. Examining how historical and cultural movements inform contemporary Evangelical orientation, exploring differences between conservative and moderate segments and tracing development of megachurch phenomenon as Evangelical marketing tool.
  • Community and Consumerism. Detailing how the emotional security and sense of belonging within Evangelical community struggle against sharp feelings of “otherness” from mainstream society. How ministries adopt consumer-centric approaches to make Evangelical message relevant across cultural, generational, political and ethnic lines.
  • Media and Entertainment. Exploring how tend to be even more enthusiastic than the general population in their enjoyment of electronic and print media, particularly those options that validate and reinforce their core religious values.
  • Technology and Internet. Describing how, as individuals but also as worship leaders and congregations, Evangelicals are avid users of devices such as MP3 players, PDAs (personal digital assistants), cell phones and the Internet, to strengthen social cohesion and advance religious goals.
  • Personal Finance. Focusing on the myriad ways in which Evangelical Christians earn, spend, save, charge and donate to charities. The important distinction is that Evangelicals tend to interpret the meaning and implication of their financial decisions from a Biblical perspective.

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