Durable Dog and Cat Petcare Products, 3rd Edition

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Published Oct 14, 2020 | 285 Pages | Pub ID: LA16110876
Durable Dog and Cat Pet Care Products in the U.S., 3rd Edition

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NOTE: This publication combines Packaged Facts’ report Durable Dog and Cat Petcare Products, 3rd Edition (October 2020) with the supplemental report Durable Petcare Products: Consumer Trends Update (June 2020).

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted almost every facet of American life, and the durable pet products market has more than risen to the challenge, providing pet owners with the products they need to make pet ownership in the age of COVID-19 easier and more enjoyable for both pet and owner. All of the durable pet product categories experienced a significant sales bump during the initial stages of the pandemic, as pet owners rushed to purchase products such as gates and crates to keep pets contained while they worked from home, collars and leashes for the walks they now had the time to take, and toys to help keep pets entertained. On top of this, dog and cat ownership levels have increased, spurred by stay-at-home orders driving Americans to obtain new pets for companionship or to help keep children occupied, resulting in a boom in sales of durables new pets require including bowls, litter boxes, collars, beds, and toys. As a result, Packaged Facts expects the pet durables market to see a nearly 10% increase in 2020 bringing sales to $5.7 billion. The market is forecast to maintain strong but moderating annual sales gains through 2024, resulting in a compound annual growth rate of 4.4%.

Key trends explored include trends in new pet ownership, the pandemic-accelerated shift to e-commerce, the focus on health and wellness, opportunities for private-label products, and the growing interest in connected or “smart” pet products.

Focusing on product innovation and consumer preferences, Durable Dog and Cat Petcare Products in the U.S., 3rd Edition, breaks out this market into seven categories:
  • Toys: fetch toys, plush toys, non-edible chew toys, rope/pull toys, treat-dispensing toys, ”smart” toys, cat scratchers, and cat furniture/“kitty condos”
  • Collars, leashes, and harnesses: basic/decorative collars, chain/choke collars, muzzle/head collars, training collars, e-collars, and activity trackers (medicated collars are excluded); basic harnesses, no-pull harnesses, and special needs/handicapped harnesses; basic leashes, retractable leashes, hands-free leashes, double leashes, and training leashes; tie-outs/stakes/cables
  • Beds: pillow/cushion beds, nest/cuddle beds, donut/bolster beds, orthopedic beds, heated/cooling pads, kennel pads, raised cots, covered/cave beds, rugs, and mats
  • Carriers, crates, and housing: carriers, crates, pens/kennels, dog houses, travel/car accessories, strollers, and bicycle trailers, as well as other containment products including pet gates, doors, and fencing systems
  • Bowls, feeders, waterers: bowls/diners/dishes, elevated bowls, slow feeders, gravity feeders/waterers, electronic feeders/waterers, travel feeders/waterers, feeding accessories, food storage
  • Apparel/fashion accessories: outdoor clothing, decorative clothing, costumes
  • Litter boxes and accessories: basic litter boxes, covered/enclosed litter boxes, automated litter boxes (including rake, rotating, self-flushing), decorative litter boxes; litter scoops; litter mats; waste disposal systems (excludes non-durable litter accessories such as waste bags and disposable litter boxes, litter mats, litter box liners, and litter additives)
The completely revised Durable Dog and Cat Petcare Products in the U.S., 3rd Edition report quantifies the market as a whole as well as category by category, calculating annual sales and historical compound annual growth rates for 2015 through projected 2020 sales, and continued projected growth rates through 2024. Through custom surveying in Packaged Facts’ own Surveys of Pet Owners, the study highlights consumer purchase patterns and product preferences in each category. Including dozens of product illustrations, it focuses particularly on trends in marketing and new product development, while also identifying key players in the market overall and at the category level. Additional data sources include the American Pet Product Association (APPA) 2019-2020 National Pet Owner Survey.

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