U.S. Market for Deli and Other Refrigerated Processed Meats

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Published Mar 1, 2008 | 204 Pages | Pub ID: LA1682329

Packaged Facts estimates the U.S. market for refrigerated processed meats at $17.6 billion, led by cold cuts which accounted for 40% of the market in 2007, with $7.1 billion in sales on growth of three percent. This updated report on the U.S. market for refrigerated processed meat products presents an insight into the major changes and trends affecting industry growth and a comprehensive analysis of the marketer and brand performance of various refrigerated processed meat products for the 2003-2007 period, along with projections for the period 2008-2012. An expected slowdown in the U.S. economy is likely to force consumers to curb spending in the aggregate, resulting in slower growth for the RPM market. Other factors, including accelerating trends in health & wellness and consumers’ increased desire for convenience foods, should also have some effect on certain segments of the market. However, there remain opportunities for marketers to capitalize here with increased product development in healthier or organic meats and in alternative products such as lunch kits. Growth will be fueled primarily by an increase in population and secondarily by slight increases in average spending per household.

Refrigerated processed meat products covered in this report include: breakfast meats (refrigerated bacon and refrigerated breakfast sausage/ham); cold cuts: (refrigerated sliced lunchmeat, refrigerated non-sliced lunchmeat and lunch kits); and frankfurters & dinner sausages (refrigerated dinner sausage and refrigerated frankfurters).

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